1. I looked up headphones, trying to find a pair of inexpensive ones for when I didn’t need my full Bose. There were dozens of seemingly identical products from different brands

  2. Sometimes you have to wait for one you're willing to pay for, but woot has a seemingly endless supply of headphones and earbuds for cheap if you're willing to live with refurbished.

  3. Up until 1999, it was legal to sell colloidal silver products OTC because people thought it was a remedy for a number of ailments.

  4. I've seen colloidal silver sold at CVS, including one bottle marketed for kids. Absolutely horrendous.

  5. Damn, there was like a 18 month period where Buzzfeed News was making good articles, and people could say with a straight face that the shitty listicles and clickbait was paying for good journalism. Guess that went out the window.

  6. Buzzfeed News fired their investigative reporters and then got worse from there. This is a natural reaction to their screwups.

  7. Theoretically, you are not on the hook for damages as a tenant you did not cause, especially stuff that was already there before you move in. That said, it isn't unusual for landlords to not know that or knowing that, try to push such costs onto their tenants in addition to rent and utilities - which is not legal.

  8. Oh yeah computer professional here. The PC shut off around the same time as light flickers, along with Internet outage/router resets. It was pretty clear to the cause.

  9. Sounds like powerline adapters and the router to the outside is elsewhere because this is a shared arrangement? You can still attach a router to that for your own private network.

  10. I believe California is one of those, I've always had to accrue benefits of employees there special beyond all other states I've dealt with.

  11. Yes, it is. You can take away PTO in California only by paying it out or letting the employee use it. California counts PTO as wages.

  12. I doubt a coerced confession from an 8 year old is going to be very helpful in court.

  13. You would search for a real estate attorney that does litigation for individuals barred in your state. Possibly one with a history of doing consumer protection work as well if possible.

  14. As shitty as the FDA as sometimes been, their approval rating is a lot better than Elon and for good reason. The FDA isn't going anywhere.

  15. Blood poisoning is no joke and it almost always leads to septic shock if left untreated with some serious antibiotics.

  16. I had my own scare with a possible blood infection 3 years ago. Leg ulcer got infected. They had earlier prescribed an antibiotic while it healed, but it only work one type of bacteria, gram negative or positive, forget which. The other type got in and had to prescribe the other and take a blood test to test if it had already gotten in the blood.

  17. If your employer made an error in paying out PTO, that error can be corrected. Why are they not correcting it by giving you a negative PTO balance.

  18. California mandated sick leave is not PTO. In excess of California's required sick leave companies have more flexibility.

  19. I think it cost them nothing - it was just a voucher to cover the costs of the pass and I think the ski resort gives it to them, if not for free, at least for a massive discount. An agreement to work the whole season was never verbally made, but I’m concerned they could argue it was implied

  20. Promises for future labor are worthless without a written agreement or CBA in all but Montana because of at-will employment. Same thing with promises by employers for raises or more hours.

  21. There is also the matter of depreciation. Depending on the age the door handle mechanism may have been worthless and the only thing the landlord could even charge for is labor even if OP is at fault.

  22. Unfortunately, because you weren't working these aren't classified as wages so state and federal wage claims are off limits. You're left suing or arbitrating if you signed an arbitration agreement as a breach of contract claim if you want to pursue this because they refuse to pay out.

  23. At some point getting an attorney or filing a wage claim with the DLSE or reporting to the IRS carries risk to deal with this. That isn't a legal issue. While blacklisting due to reporting a crime is illegal, it can be hard to prevent it from happening.

  24. Unemployment premiums are paid by the employer in California, so it doesn't show up in pay records.

  25. Are you sure you should be considered an independent contractor? It sounds like you were treated as an employee.

  26. Post-employment non-competes between employers and employees that don't own a significant portion of the business are completely unenforceable since 1872 in California unless the employee's compensation is negotiated by an attorney the employee hired AND the non-competes specifies a non-California choice of state law clause.

  27. Police in the UK have become a completely hollowed out organisation. Number of officers have been dramatically cut due to austerity measures, government policy has limited their powers and policing policies have them often doing meaningless work. And they're just utterly inept. Will barely attempt to prosecute serious crimes, nevermind a car blocking your driveway or theft.

  28. Welcome to what the UK Jewish community experience with the police has been for years. Now for everyone!

  29. In many California cities the police refuse to show up for accidents unless there is an injury. Still, call. If they tell you they won't show up you will also know the other person is bluffing about the police too, a strong indication of a scam.

  30. That’s enough to build a new bird

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