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  1. If you look at most big successful countries in the world, they are federations. The US is a federation, as is Mexico and Canada. Germany is a federation. Russia is a federation. Federations recognize that people in different regions have different values and aspirations. By implementing a federal structure, we can allow that and still have a single coherent state.

  2. Federal this, federal that. Nothing of what you say is justifying Russia invasion or the resulting atrocities.

  3. Federalism (via the Minsk Agreement) would have been the peaceful solution to this crisis. Ukraine faked any interest in that - their plan all along was to send in the army.

  4. His promise was peace but Russia didn’t want it. ‘Federalism’ wouldn’t solve shit.

  5. Judging by the Z caps surrounding her, I think one particular "establishment" had a little hand in this story.

  6. hopefully you do realise that parts of this same interview when she talked about artillery fire intensity etc was posted on reuters , her interview was taken by journalists all around the world some from Russia some from europe and USA so someone had a Z cap , someone else likely had a ukraine flag badge so she wasn't pressured into making her say anything.

  7. If folks are wearing a Z cap, that indicates the interview was held in Russian-controlled territory, which means a Russian-controlled message.

  8. Shall we hijack the ship and use it to restore Mandalore?

  9. Well we already had the Doizers in the same episode.

  10. So they literally told him to stop making a scene and be on his way and he said: I am choosing to make a scene.

  11. Tell another one and see if the chickens laugh.

  12. A reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Evan Gershkovich, has been arrested by Russia’s FSB security service on suspicion of spying for the US.

  13. Everything is "secret information" in Russia.

  14. You gotta be careful; reporting can be a capital offense in Russia.

  15. 5,000 Wagner volunteers have already destroyed over 100,000 ukronazi troops in Artyomovsk while pushing out the ukronazi attack on the city further and further back. Even the townhall has been liberated from ukronazis and the nazi invasion is being beaten back.

  16. “Now over 10 brigades of ukronazi troops and several nato battalions are encircled on three sides.”

  17. Obviously you are not here acting in good faith and just want to spam the comments while calling people trolls.

  18. Oh, come on! You can’t expect anyone to believe the whole 5K vs 100K crap.

  19. Yeah, that's called having a military. They've been doing it for a while.

  20. A piece of truth that many people seem to have forgotten. Youth doesn't know about it at all since it's not taught at school. Adults just seem to have forgotten it due to either shame, ignorance or not willing to realize they've got blood on their hands.

  21. F that; I'm not supporting this with clicks. Why don't you just give me the summary?

  22. I said the same thing in another subreddit. Knock it if you want, but can you say it’s a bad move? They already have Din and Grogu meeting folks at Galaxy’s Edge.

  23. Russia has included Hungary in the list of "unfriendly countries", said the Russian ambassador in Budapest Yevgeny Stanislavov.

  24. Maybe the Dutch can help get the Bundeswehr in order?

  25. How does Nevarro not even have a damn militia?

  26. They probably have some other vessel(s) in mind for the Mandalorian “flagship” or fleet, like the cruiser Bo claimed from Moff Gideon and/or, should she appear, Sabine’s vessel.

  27. The ship did not seem to need too much crew; the CotW could have at least set the ship down gently somewhere else or used its capture to get the pirates on the ground to surrender. Hell, they could've sold the ship afterwards if they couldn't use it.

  28. Get some good soup goin' down there and Carl Weathers will show up.

  29. If the Baltics are Nazi countries, why do they have greater freedom of speech and sexual orientation than glorious Russia? Why are political opposition leaders not frequently jailed in the Baltics? Why do Latvia and Estonia (not Lithuania) have lower antisemitism rates than Russia?

  30. Notice that there will be no answer to this.

  31. How to stop it? Just have Russian forces leave Ukraine.

  32. Except it's not and not sure why you choose to lie about such a well known fact...

  33. No one is mad, but keep on trying to make that stick! Pathetic Nazi bootlicker with his pathetic comebacks! I love it!

  34. You mad. You know its true, Putler lover.

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