1. For someone not looking to be ungodly stoned for a long time, I'm wondering if the standard 5% recommendation is too much for my first time.

  2. The duration will probably still be there but lowering dosage to counteract should help. If your tolerance is low I'm sure 2-3% would still be noticable. Really got to play around to find the right ratio for you.

  3. Thanks. As you said I'll just need to play around I guess and see how the noid gels with me personally, or whether or not I want to keep it around in the future. Very well may be too long in duration, or might be the Holy Grail for all I know.

  4. I hear ya. Sounds like it may not he ideal for you. Havent heard too many people describe such feelings. For me getting high puts right where I want to be so I have the opposite problem lol.

  5. Man I miss ordering sprks..they are the best cart experience imo. I go through so many though so been steady with VPW 50 pk dcells. Might have to grab a few sprks next blend. Carts look amazing homie.

  6. I had a major issue a couple weeks ago with the ceramic SPRKs. I have a cheap 510 stick battery, and with just a single drop or pressure in just the wrong spot while sitting in a pocket or something, and it would break. A chip would come off the bottom of the lower ring of ceramic, and the 510 connection is just pressure fitted in there. So the connection would come off and disconnect entirely. I went through 5 in less than a week. They replaced them with metal carts with just a single email, and I have no issue with them, but just a warning

  7. Yea uve heard this from a few ppl that was never an issue for me but a friend had the same thing happen. I would stick to metal for now.

  8. Not sure when vape manufacturers will understand NOBODY WANTS TO INHALE UNNECESSARY BULLSHIT.

  9. Computer like code in dna. Probability. Vr./games/graphics becoming close to indecipherable from reality. Quantum computing simulations already happening. AI.

  10. im not sure if ill get really into pressing so i ordered a Rosineer press for $150. will report tomorrow with some strains i also have coming in (chat haze, NL#5, dance hall and lemon skunk)

  11. 7-10% is what I go with. Makes it a one hitter. It's pretty strong above 5%.

  12. Wow. Havent came across something so fucking absurd and evil in a long time. What a scumbag. Seems completely infeasible.

  13. I either make a tincture with mct and d8 @ 50% so it's easy to calculate dosage (80% d8= 800mg per ml @ 50% mct = 400mg per ml.) Very simple just heat and mix.

  14. I like the tinctures in a simple ratio too but I don't dose them accurately so I wanted to go for more accuracy. The idea with the bud will make me measure my own mix. I definitely need to mix it better.

  15. God damn that stuff looks wild! Would love to burn one of these down.

  16. You misunderstood me, the diamonds and isolate don't taste as strong as rosin so you can spike your food without much of a weedy taste

  17. Yes I know that they dont contain terps. I was just pointing out that I noted that in my post. That thca isolate is another option. It's all good homie. Edited my post to clarify this information thanks.

  18. You're welcome. Happy Smoking 💨, and enjoy your brownies 😋

  19. For sure man been in a hazy euphoric altered state for the past 2 days. These are the first edibles I've had a hard time not eating too much of because of how good they taste.

  20. I'm going to revisit thcb soon. I remember it having some pretty decent effects.

  21. Fair enough. That is my actual plan as well. Because I can’t have THAT high of a tolerance…right?

  22. Well, here in a couple weeks I’ll document it on this board.

  23. Yo these look SO good!! The blend sounds amazing as well. Your friends sound spoiled like mine! I love it.

  24. Just did a spit take, I'm just south of the Michigan border and I can get 1 gram carts for as low as $15 after taxes, how do they get off charging $90 a gram?

  25. I'm in Ohio. Medical dispo prices are crazy here! I don't know how they can tell you the price with a straight face. I'd be dying inside.

  26. At 90 a fucking gram they better give you a handy on your way out, how close are you to the Michigan border? I can't speak for the south east side but if you can get to a Michigan dispensary it'll be well worth it, bring about $100-$200 for what would be one-two grams in Ohio and get like 13~ grams if the dispensary is running sales, even if they aren't prices are regularly $20-$25 a gram anywhere you go (greenstem is where it's at IMHO but Dr.A and NOBO are solid) so it couldn't hurt to take a little road trip if you aren't 8 hours+ one way.

  27. For sure the play. I got some friends who make that journey once in a while. But personally got an amazing bm plug every strain is the actual strain. All top shelf gotta be rec market over stock.

  28. For D9thcp I'd compre a d9 cart to 5% d9thcp. Anything higher hits harder. 10% makes d9 carts feel weak. Just my 2 cents. I dont use hhcp as much but I'd say about the same as thcp. Although in the end we are comparing different effects. Subtle but different.

  29. Hc8 and gilded have impressed me the most with the blends. Sounds fire.

  30. Cool. I'm going for it! I haven't had anything raw before and I don't really have the ability/desire to mix my own terpenes into it unless you REALLY recommend it? I don't mind dabbing shit straight, but I would also like to put this in pods... I have a nord 4 that I'm sure should be able to handle this. Besides, I have plenty of terped D8 I can mix this with if need be - also in order to flavor it some (in case it needs it) and ALSO in the event that it does in fact hit harder than the other stuff I had.

  31. Should have no issues running it without Terps all the noids make it pretty thin. Just be ready for it to have it's own flavor. Some might say its unappealing but I've grown to love it. I just wouldnt suggest mixing it with bdts. Hemp terps and cdt went well with it.

  32. Careful with adding terps, it can get too thin. Had a couple carts leak. I’d recommend terps with a spicy flavor (caryophyllene) goes good with the flavor of noids

  33. Good point!! If I recall I only used about 4% previously with this batch!

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