Why is it not ok to not like dogs?

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  1. 🤮🤮🤬😡🤐🤮🤮🤮😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🥶🥶🤢🤮.

  2. Anything where the entity came from space. So, The Thing, IT, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, um, Alien, District 9? I dunno.

  3. Kanye publicly abused Kim for months. Mental / emotional abuse still counts (imo)

  4. Stalking…making threats to her ex- (current boyfriend at the time) … public temper tantrums…exposing their private pictures to others, but that’s allegedly a rumor, but still.

  5. It's because of that damn Vice article that linked here. I figured it was only a matter of time.

  6. Don’t forget about “truscum.” They are the “real” transgender people and believe this particular thing means that people are going to take “trans people” less serious and commit more hateful crime and rhetoric against us.🙄

  7. If TERFs love anything, its spending their free time fussing about people genitals as opposed to anything else.

  8. If you haven't pissed off a conservative talk show host you haven't done anything right yet.

  9. More like give them epilepsy. If they had their way, there’d be no trans, non-binary, or any type of non-hetero person at least not visible in any possible way. Everyone would be allosexual.

  10. My truscum detectors are going off wrt those mods.

  11. Guy was praised for being a man with no qualifications or discernible skills, who billionaires seemed to love yet always had a squad of young women at his side..and nobody thought that was weird?

  12. Why is Reddit so against circumcision? Not only does it look better, it has legitimate health benefits:

  13. You are so beautiful! I love that style on you. Imo you look gorgeous just like u are

  14. Her style is very unique and eye-catching. And, she’s beautiful with cherubic face. Such a doll.

  15. Yeah, I’m just not seeing what it’ll accomplish, beyond the fact that you don’t self-pleasure for a month. Perhaps, self-control, though what level of self-control. It fundamentally changes nothing unless it permeates the rest of your life, where you exercise more self-control over many aspects of your life. You’d need an end-game, reward, or fundamental change.

  16. Also, just because a person has a job or two doesn’t mean that they’ll not be homeless.

  17. The unusual caveat to this is that Stalin was pretty much a “mass murderer.” In the millions, as most historians suspect. He’s probably not the best example for this.

  18. The NFL kickers nowadays are absolutely amazing. They have not only have strong legs, but the deadly accuracy is the killer.

  19. Some dogs are little shits but disliking the entire species would be odd.

  20. While it is mostly an insult it can also be used to describe someone who is working but not completely supporting themselves. Able to pay for all their needs; housing, insurance, food, car (if desired).

  21. Oddly enough, an Etsy seller only realistically needs to profit roughly $800 -$1300 a month to surpass the standing minimum wage in most states.

  22. I have walked out of places that give me an attitude. All money is green if they can’t realize that than I’m not spending my money there. I have walked out of nail salons and restaurants if I feel I’m not treated well not just merely tolerated but treated like how they treat their white customers 😂.

  23. Selfishness, just like about every other person, entity, program, or business. Where the welfare of others are taken very lightly to fulfill the needs of that thing.

  24. How much did you pay for your haul? I’m pretty sure this lot is somewhat valuable given the time period of those cards.

  25. I was approved for vaginoplasty with BCBS. I switched insurance to UHC 1 month before surgery and UHC also covered my surgery. I live in FL, had surgery in Iowa.

  26. They all have stark differences, I don’t think anyone will deny, too much.

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