1. The driver swirls to avoid hitting her, but ends up crashing directly into a guy, killing him. Meanwhile, on a nearby rooftop...

  2. Both have qualities that make them great in their own way... but my favorite will always be Luna.

  3. Lin finally came around to her son-in-law after seeing in what ways he made up for his lack of strength 😏

  4. I'd probably not even notice the lamp 'til later, when my brain isn't too focused on naked werewolf bf

  5. A Goddess falls in love with a fox, and he makes her experience ungodly activities.

  6. It's a smut fic I wrote in an anime fandom, inspired by a song and a fic from another writer. It's between a human land goddess and a demon fox guy 😁.

  7. Lovely art. It would be nice if Loona had a hobby for playing guitar, bet she would be good at it πŸ’–

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