1. I don't think c6 ayato does much work here tbf. It does lots of work in vape and as finisher or when mobs are under 50% hp, c0 to c6 in burgeon and bloom, the value of c6 ayato diminishes quite alot and c0 and c6 shouldn't be really far apart not so many seconds

  2. Well i sure hope so. He is literally one of the strongest person right now. Its like Naruto getting six paths. He fought the current strongest and now its time to master that power. What do you guys want??? Luffy to fight an impossible opponent

  3. It was just bizarre. There was a suspenseful set up which gave every indication that Blackbeard was about to acquire something….but it was just to go after 1 fruit and end up not even getting it because he was deterred by 1 retiree.

  4. I think boa captured arc and rescue would be better than koby imo, more emotional impact

  5. An average genshin player would discuss who is a better pull between Childe and Ayato. Then there’s this chad

  6. Ah that was my run saw your comment from a friend in cm. The fastest run in this top half is 17s with yelan venti klee kazuha from china. I think the current fastest ayato childe for now is 21s but 20s is possible if i have r5 haran and better ping. Beyond 20s is yelan only zone which CN record is pretty awesome even for a whale yelan 17s is very impressive. Thanks for enjoying my ayato childe run tho i put all my savings that i worked for into them took a few weeks to figure out how to run cleanly.

  7. Bb isn't losing, but before bm's defeat by law and kid, no one would ever forsee that

  8. When he knows he doesn't even have any mental thought about ace but just cry for wb

  9. the base power of OFA would be the same but mirio would have one extra quirk to add to the 6 quirks inside OFA and a sturdier body.

  10. I believe it's different for everyone. NDEs are highly individual as far as I read them

  11. I'm not sure I follow you. For me, if there is an eternal side, which I do believe there is. Though I do subscribe more so to the eastern philosophy interpretation of eternity as a Void, in a good way! Not a Void in probably what you think, as I used to understand it. Than that would be the one supreme reality. I would never suggest that NDEs, shared or not are delusions, I know them to be real, my assertion is that it is no one place to tell the NDEr's their experience is purely a hallucination, for all things as we understand them is a hallucination.

  12. How do u all know if nde isn’t the blib before u dissapear into the eternal void never to appear once again, and oh boy what is reality and its true beginning before the first cycle of bigbang

  13. To be given by how much influence they have in the pirate world

  14. If he was still around when the warlords were abolished he could have been

  15. Peeing his pants hearing about kaido? Say this pre wano and no one prolly agrees. I don’t think he was ever gonna be a yonko

  16. the world's strongest swordsman title is already confusing.

  17. Then, kinda be careful it sounded made up on that. Even if enjoy hearing NDEs but i am kinda still skeptical. Why didn’t the father just meet his son and from this I can’t really tell if it is a made up story especially if its from an NDE book, it would want to sell. There people wouldn’t just go with nothing happened, that’s why I prefer reddit.

  18. I do have an open mind. And i see NDE as a possibility but since now the mod has locked this, i feel less incline to believing this community now. Like how do i know any skepticism isn’t locked by the mod like i am. I will still browse through the NDE reddit for a little more but if its like this i think i will eventually leave this and report of how the mod simply shut down my questioning.

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