1. Brett Hart vs Shawn Michael's in 97. Never hear about it. I still can't believe Shawn beat Brett with the Sharpshooter.

  2. They are so bad i can't honestly understand how people enjoy watching the Bucks.their stuff is beyond silly.so choreographed,opponents setting them up for moves its so cringey

  3. Yeah you're right,it looks terrible to be honest.one of the main reasons i cant watch now

  4. 1997.there was a definite shift in the product early on.it wasn't full blown Attitude Era but i would say this is when the Attitude Era started.one of the very first Raws of 97 they actually use the word attitude on numerous occasions and you can tell they are trying to push it.

  5. Na i didn't care too much for Bulldog.he got annoying quick

  6. Im going to play devils advocate here.i agree with what everyone is saying.nobody knows what everyone else is dealing with and i totally agree this should be a forum to rant and vent it certainly helps!

  7. Owen v Bret is the greatest Wrestlemania match ever

  8. Because their in ring style is absolutely pathetic and nonsensical

  9. I loved Bret Hart being a heel in America but a face everywhere else.was a great fued with Austin and he had some fantastic matches.Canadian stampede is still one of the all time great ppvs

  10. So there is a great group called bright sparks.they run classes throughout the week that are catered to kids with additional needs.great sensory rooms and toys and its very cheap per class.something like £2.50.they also run day trips and weekends away for parents and their kids.

  11. Shamrock was not a fail,he had a good run.unfortunately for him it was a time where you had to have great mic skills to be at the top and Shamrock just didn't have that.any other era he'd be a top guy but in the Attitude Era you needed a massive amount of charisma to be on top

  12. I used to think it was their legs that got counted in the pin.they were always kicking there legs up at 2!

  13. Absolutely love a good guitar shot smashed over the head

  14. Vader was such a great monster heel.even if he wasn't at his peak he was still capable of great matches and WWF should have absolutely used him better

  15. This is the stupidest shit i've ever seen in my life

  16. 'This is awesome' chant is so cringe

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