Just completed this "Biblically Accurate" angel sculpture just in time for Christmas!

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  1. No I haven't done any Mac Jones yet. You can see all of the ones I've done so far here:

  2. Would love a Deebo and a Kobe do you take orders?

  3. Yes I take orders. Send me a personal message if you are interested in getting something made. Thanks!

  4. Same people that will complain about the gas prices. All of these flags will definitely make your miles per gallon go down.

  5. I honestly believe it could be a decade before we see another “blockbuster” trade in the NFL.

  6. Maybe I am, but the way I see it the Wilson trade proves trading the farm for an established franchise QB(presumably a safe trade) can still blow up in your face like an atom bomb. And there’s been a recent string of high pick failures/let downs at QB, while the NFC is looking at a possible playoff berth without a single first round QB(and even if Jones gets in he’s a long way from the top of those rankings).

  7. I understand where you are coming from but there will always be an organization willing to gamble.

  8. I got mine! Been waiting months for this to drop and was super stroked to get the email this morning. Weird it only dropped on eBay tho.

  9. I finally looked up what kitbashing means. I'm always seeing it being mentioned but didn't know what it meant exactly. It didn't mean what I thought it meant either lol.

  10. Despite the flack that the game has gotten, I really enjoy it. I've only played as Red Hood so far and I am really hoping that McFarlane does some of the other suits.

  11. A long time ago when I used to actually buy packs and boxes, I would save up all of the Falcons cards and burn them.

  12. I would like some pops from the Aliens movie. They only have the 2 different queens and 2 different Ripleys. I'd love them to make Hudson, Hicks, etc.

  13. There is one on eBay with a starting bid of $9.99. One has sold for $12.00. Both are the ones numbered out of /49.

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