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  1. Let's be clear, the people who did this were local cannibals that the beligans had hired. 100% not christians

  2. If theres a pickup cover, then i gotta have a thumbrest to make up for it. That's just me tho

  3. I love being scunt. Laugh taunting after every kill. Aussie scatter and full black military outfit tho. It's fun, I reccommend.

  4. Hehe a Man of Culture hehe amirite fellow redditors????

  5. Mihoyo just fucking had to make the new Ayran loli have barefeet. We'll never hear the end of it. Least horny Nahida main.../s

  6. They also had to make that "looks like a kid but is actually 500 years old" trope come to life

  7. Jesus Christ you're actually right. Strange How Klee is an elf so shes like 30 ish...and QiQi since the fucking Archon War...

  8. Common Russian people would rather break their bones than support a war their government told them they had to fight. I wonder when this comes to my continent.

  9. Thought I knew where this one was headed. Great read, thank you OP. Genuinely scared me. I had a pretty similar situation once upon a time.

  10. I love the active sound on the American Ultra Jazz bass. I set it the exact same way you do sounds perfect to me, except I do roll up the bass frequency to max as well with the onboard preamp. Sacriledge to standard passive J-Bass. The active tone is clearer to me idk.

  11. Name it "Fantasia" because it looks like a magic broom.

  12. Load of traders lost hundreds of keys on the Quickswitch misc change. To catch some people up, a quickswitch misc is a whole head item that you can glitch together with any other hat using a +quickswitch to bring a menu up so you can glitch them together. Some unusuals like the heralds helm for scout, the blast defense for demo, and the gauzed gaze for medic are Quickswitch Miscs (QS Misc) and are sold for SUBSTANTIALLY more than regular hats because they can be glitched together for unusual combos. I personally have a black painted Gauzed Gaze for my Medic and now I can wear it the same way anymore. Many traders lost thousands of dollars from this one update. Kind of funny the way valve did it. Who complained about QS Miscs anyway? Lol

  13. Jesus, he really worked magic on that water bottle. I think it made my dick move!

  14. Idk dude, I won't trust a slut to commit in a relationship he got all the right to worry, Calling him an incel for it is fucking retarded.

  15. Can confirm. My beautiful GF's Kunai has 3287 "kills"

  16. These YouTubers are beyond annoying but so are these posts. There is nothing circlejerk-y about un-ironically complaining about YouTubers.

  17. Paleface are pretty cringy, just listen to their song 666 (opening song for the album fear & dagger) its so over the top trying to be edgy. They do got some good song but shit like that is just a no.

  18. I love Paleface. The syncopated vocals and drums are so fucking tasty. The riffs are bangin'. God I love them. Sorry you feel that way my dude.

  19. They def got a good sound, if they didn't do shit like that then i would put them on more.

  20. 666 is pretty dark and edgy. I like that horror stuff though. I can see it being a bit much if you're scared or disturbed easily

  21. He said it like an untactful racist, but it is okay to not want to date another race.

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