1. The awakening flames of kaku shld be black as well

  2. Thats so nice to see in this climate of football tbh

  3. Very surprised u couldnt be revived from that 😂

  4. Im sad they didnt wipe out half of the city with all the civillian that come with it 🥲

  5. Tbh this vegeta costume in 90s dbz card collection was a pearl to have, very nice artstyle

  6. The mechanic in 2042 is clunky af, mostly unusable, if u move the little gill of button gets interrupted and u end up with slashing, the mechanic was never broken or anything but apparently they decided to just fuck it up in some way

  7. Ne si protestus te mdhenj qe luftojm per demokracin ton fuqishem do jeapim mendime per robt qe po vdesin ne rrug n iran...

  8. Probably is not the real, maybe a android or body he controls

  9. They rly have to improve the interaction, it doesnt feel like other battlefields when interacting in mele, is very clunky

  10. Knife animations have always been fucking clunky. Have you even played bf4 or hardline or V?

  11. In bf3-4-5 js the the same, if ur inside his body range u just hold e and animation instantly starts, here u stand press wait for button to fill, jf u move camera a bit it stops, than u move again sometimes doesnt register it feels weird

  12. I keep hearing rumors that'll it be cancelled

  13. About time i guess, went from ninjas fighting ninjas with ideals clashing and great storytelling to ninjas fighting aliens, also lets fuck in the ass these 2 guys that 99% of this fanbase grew up with, dont forget to kill off also kurama cause why not, some 15 y old kid can handle some aliens...

  14. They could've set the story in another village so they they:

  15. Kishimoto after finnishing Naruto went with:

  16. At least orcs will be the best they managed to achieve with this shitshow

  17. Yeah with ana playing dota as a hobby once a year, alot of chances indeed

  18. Hahahaahahahahahahahahhahahaah dude im dying ahhaahahahahhaahaha

  19. I duno if u saw the lagg of secret liquid, this is unacceptable

  20. I can be downvoted for this, but boruto is boring, with very bad creative decisions form the fact that also kishimoto was burnout with naruto in the first place, barely with any rest jumped in a space ninja manga which failed, went back to boruto to use the remaining fanbase to boost it to recreate Naruto 2.0, but all is bad. Since the direction they took with the ending of naruto fucking up Madara which they built as a charachter for 13 years, to jump in a alien charachter which nobody rly liked, continuing an entire new manga with aliens fighting ninjas, it doesnt cut it, it has lost more than 70% of the fanbase and more than 90% of the OG Naruto fanbase.

  21. Able to scroll down to the last comment and I havent found a comment where the writer is motivated to go on. What a shame. (Yes you are the last comment for me)

  22. Bruh takes alot to produce a manga, he did 17 years eith naruto, it drains him psychologically, u could see cracks in the shinobi alliance war, he didnt even know how to beat madara, henceadding all the alien bullshit, from that it only goes down, thesasuke naruto fight in the end was planned from the beginning thats why it was that good, but his unwillingness to create is natural

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