1. Why do you say this? We know nothing about this dude lol

  2. It's kinda like weird al reaching out to artists before parodying their songs; mostly just a respect thing even though it's not necessary. Never hurts to get a blessing especially if it's as easy as asking

  3. That would be the case if the filmmaker is reaching out for the blessing. That kinda thing happens all the time.

  4. With all that in mind, might it have been an attempt to market the movie instead?

  5. If we weren’t talking about Fox in the 70s then yea I would agree.

  6. Interesting stuff. It absolutely makes sense that this kind of ‘training’ (more psychologically oriented focusing on how to stay calm under pressure etc) could be a massive benefit for a professional athlete.

  7. Pretty sure it was mike, and that’s the only reason the Dodgers bothered to draft him!!!

  8. The Dodgers (like every other team Lasorda lobbied) had no interest in drafting Piazza.

  9. There were unlimited rounds back then. Really lost nothing by drafting him at the end (and obviously it worked out for everyone).

  10. Right. But my point was that they basically just picked him as a favor to Lasorda.

  11. Not a velocity guy but I don’t care how much spin rate is on an 88 mph 4 seamer it’s going to be good at best with excellent command and sequencing. Give us a break whoever Cole’s agent is

  12. Today’s session was a glorified bullpen. Absolutely no way that’s his actual FB velo in a game situation with a proper ramp-up & all that.

  13. So the Jays insist that this shouldn’t have a significant impact on gameplay (not make the park more hitter friendly or pitcher friendly or righty/lefty friendly etc).

  14. Not in the collection but Eat Drink Man Woman is one of my comfort movies & is a great father-daughter one.

  15. The price would be MUCH higher if you wanted to equal the RSN money.

  16. You forgot revenue from ad sales. Teams (or the league or a new entity or whatever) would now sell ads directly instead of essentially benefiting from the RSN selling ads.

  17. No, because baseball has a chip on its shoulder about first ballot entry.

  18. Let me be the first to ask — where the hell is Joey Meneses?

  19. I believe he is listed here as #4 but they used the alternative spelling.

  20. Why would you trade the guy who rightly deserved RoTY for the lesser player that stole it from him?

  21. If some of those potential Angels buyers could come the Nats way, that would be great.

  22. They don’t want to be the one who has to give Joey Meneses a $600mil contract.

  23. Roki’s stuff is beyond electric, Yamamoto is definitely the better pitcher as of right now though

  24. I’m absolutely excited to see Sasaki pitch too but Yamamoto has won back-to-back Sawamura awards for back-to-back pitching triple crowns & is 24 years old. It’s absurd how much he is dominating NPB right now.

  25. You would just contact Criterion directly & arrange to purchase every title in print. Pretty sure someone from this sub did it last flash sale.

  26. My video game backlog is overwhelmingly long. There’s dozens of games that I’ve purchased and haven’t started or finished yet.

  27. I don’t know if it is necessarily the exact same with video games but of the 525 movies I own a physical copy of, 36% are movies I’ve never seen before. That’s almost 200 movies I own that I’ve never seen!

  28. Apparently, his father is the same. So, RAJ will never grow up unless he deletes his family as quick as he deleted his Instagram; & the Venezuelan baseball league. Sad.

  29. His dad was threatening to beat up multiple people on social media after this.

  30. Green Book was a beautiful film about friendship.

  31. I hope Terry Francona is more vigilant with his scooter from now on & remembers that

  32. Until it turns out Shane Bieber is the Ice Truck Killer or something

  33. I always knew something was fishy about Triston McKenzie. Way too much space in his jersey to not be hiding something.

  34. My buddy said Triston McKenize was the least friendly guy at GuardsFest this weekend.

  35. I refuse to believe that unless they meant that every other Guardian there was just absurdly friendly & Triston just seemed like ‘normal friendly’.

  36. Yeah forgot about that and most probably going to be one in Dune 2 also. I should specify dad to 11 year-old kid

  37. I think Chalamet would be more convincing playing an 11 year old than playing the father of an 11 year old.

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