1. Dombrowski? Look, if you gave most die-hard baseball fans free reign to exceed the luxury tax limit, you could likely put a competitive product on the field.

  2. Rhys Hoskins is part of the core that makes up this great team --- Harper, Hoskins, Schwarber, and Realmuto. These guys are the leadership, the heart and soul of this club.

  3. You can’t think about contracts when you are on the playoff thrill ride - or even in the afterglow. That’s how bad contracts get done.

  4. And how do you replace the bat? Without Rhys’ offense this year, the Phillies don’t win that 3rd wildcard berth

  5. Trea Turner is already making more than $20 million per year. You would have to sign him to a long-term deal at $25 million per year...MINIMUM.

  6. Check the picture on the Phillies sub of the swing. You can't argue it's not a swing after seeing it.

  7. Yes, you are correct. I checked the photo you are referring to. The bat crossed entirely through the plate and well past it. It was a close call, but definitely a swing. No one who looks at that pic should criticize the 3B ump. Tough call, but he got it right.

  8. None of the people pictured in this meme ever bought AMC or APE.

  9. Lots of hot talk from some random on the internet who thinks CEOs belong in jail for misstating a number in a verbal Q&A forum.

  10. A CEO publicly misstates the company debt by a billion dollars the month before an earnings report…

  11. So many statements have been made, that are outright fraudulent. It’s been going on years. Apparently, that’s not an issue for SEC. This is just the latest. I’ve been suckered into sticking with the stock, because of misleading and incorrect statements. My choice to hold, is based on statements. Wish there is something that could be done.

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