1. I'm gonna spizzle my jizzle on your bizzle my nizzle, while we chizzle by the frizzle, doggy fizzle televizzle.

  2. Doesn’t really seem discernible from any of the other times I’ve seen them.

  3. Used to see a band called free beer and chicken and they rocked

  4. That was my choice, too, but I put it as the Enlarged to Show Detail EP, because that's where I ripped my track from back in the day.

  5. I've always wanted to meet a celebrity and then faux not remember who they are. I'm gonna play it up big time.

  6. She is a very awesome character actor. My wife and I really like her in Shrinking, and my wife said she was in a Netflix movie, so we watched that and it was terrific.

  7. Watched this today. It was great. Makes.me want to tinker and make music.

  8. “You know by tattling on your friends, you're really just tattling on yourself. By tattling on your friends, you're just telling them that you're a tattletale. Now is that the tale you want to tell?”

  9. Not saying this is your issue, but I'd like to note that I've had this happen for a few different reasons.

  10. Can't tinfoil download while it is closed like eShop does?

  11. She and Jim Carrey once dated early in his career.

  12. It was at the first Radio City Music Hall show that the girl tried this bit.

  13. First night I was up front, second night I was in the balcony next to the girls dressed in the "Let's Generalize About Men" costumes, which I can see up in the balcony in the background of this video.

  14. Conservatives are more likely to be racist, it kind of goes with the territory if you pine for the "good ole days" of the 1950's. That doesn't mean that if you are a conservative you are a racist.

  15. Hang on, wasn't what he did part of a comedy skit that the woman was actively involved in?

  16. Yes and no. Franken was traveling with a radio host and doing a skit. Part of it was kissing her, which the radio host (sorry, don't remember her name) described was way over the top kiss... like slobbery and too intimate. Also, there is a picture where Franken had mimed grabbing her breasts when she was asleep on a plane while wearing body armor.

  17. Edward Penishands. It's ridiculous to a whole other level.

  18. "Climb upon my faithful steed. Then we gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed. Climb up on my big-ass steed. And ride, ride, riiiiiiiiiide."

  19. The Order 1886. It an older but excellent 3D first person action/ shooter game. You mostly follow a fairly linear path that is not confusing.

  20. If you really want the MP3s I know you can buy it on iTunes/Apple Music.

  21. I looked into that too, but don't have an Apple or iTunes account.

  22. Awesome! I'm also the kind of person who still likes to put MP3s on my phone. I'm holding out for a bit though because I'm assuming there will be a CD version at some point (like their two most recent albums) that I'll be able to rip.

  23. As I was going through my Foxy Shazam folder I saw that I was missing The Heart Behead You from my mp3 collection and then remembered that I had bought the vinyl, which did not come with the mp3s, so I had to buy a CD from Amazon to be able to rip that to my collection.

  24. “We only enter in one contest that we made up ourselves, it’s to be the 311-est.”

  25. "311, you wanna get next to them. My name is Nick, H-E-X-U-M."

  26. Meh. Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Jett, etc. There’s ways to age gracefully.

  27. Man. That’s super-cool. I haven’t seen No Doubt live. I kinda fell out of them after tragic, which is a masterpiece. I’ve heard their singles here and there but nothing really grabbed me. And I can’t stand her solo stuff.

  28. Check out Dreamcar. A band no one has heard of. Who is it?

  29. The guitar solo on Neverending Summer blew my mind the first time I heard it.

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