1. They're good at what they do, but like many artists in that subgenre of rap I don't really take to it

  2. I respect your views but I personally find it comforting to know that I’m not alone in my own struggles, don’t listen to them a huge amount anymore but it did help me realise others are in darker and worse places than me and after I’d finished listening to them I felt I could push my own struggles aside and deal with what I needed to.

  3. The fucks wrong with this kid, shots to the back of the head of a kid who isn't resisting, dressed like a wank stain, probably the result of lazy parents who keep popping out more

  4. Whats with the shots to the back of the head. Hes disciplined enough to know thats bs

  5. Butterbean is large and stalky, but pure muscle power he did quite well in boxing. You'd know that if you ever watched boxing, which you clearly haven't

  6. Sure I've bad officers act nice to me but it doesn't matter- acab

  7. Whats bonkers is how many colossi never made it in game. I feel like looking back on it theres even sections of the map where you can kinds tell maybe they wanted to add more or at least features

  8. Cardi and Lil Baby, I know lil baby stans are massive on this sub but he has zero appeal to me and if its a personal response I'm going with durk and uzi over him, just barely.

  9. Anybody else getting difect dms. It's annoying and I'm not interested. I'm on a making friends group/international chat outreach to talk about art and I get spammed by people with the same bloody OF messages.

  10. Saying I ain't doing shit for someone that's such a slob leaving a plate of food on the ground.

  11. "Are you alright " well let's see, he's out, agonal and bleeding from his head Maybe stop recording and call 911

  12. My brother is a paramedic and he's getting fed up with mainly having to deal with drug addicts who are completely unpredictable and 9/10 violent or difficult to deal with.

  13. Lol well this is sad. I mean yeah red threw first but you not know when you're opponent is defeated Adrenaline isn't an excuse to act like a toothless toddler lmao this is some Jerry springer maury type shit

  14. Lol people keep getting shit Bluetooth Save money and get some Sennheisers or Audiotechnicas, problem solved

  15. Its not worth repeating as it essentially boiled down to them being told off in French, being spat at ( in front of the ground near them ) and questions about what they were in Canada but was very graphic words and I'm not going to write it all out.

  16. Didn't the ss shoot down a bunch of Canadians in or around caen in some small town

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