1. I have gigabit internet, and the downloads cap at around 600mbps, they never fully saturate the bandwidth.

  2. Like the others have said, this part takes a loooong time, even on my gigabit internet.

  3. Yes, but it is stuck at 3 hrs and doesn’t go on…

  4. Yeah, I agree that's weird, unless you have really slow internet or are having network problems.

  5. I feel there is definitely a hole in the market for something like this. Every wallpaper website is filled with inconsistent junk. I guess they feel they have to do quantity over quality and no one is willing to pay for wallpapers, but it is definitely a challenge to find nice ones.

  6. And, for some reason, wallpaper sites are very VERY horny.

  7. One thing I noticed is that Chrome supports AV1 video, which uses software decoding, which will consume more battery.

  8. I just got a 2020 M1 MBA and I have no issues with external drives.

  9. Also, keep in my you're copying several smaller files, which takes longer than a continuous big file.

  10. Well, yes, different flash drives have different performance.

  11. I highly recommend installing Gcam apk on any device you have. My Redmi Note 10 Pro took better pictures than my friend's iPhone 13 yesterday. Magical software.

  12. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any good version for my exynos S22. They either crash a lot or have weird bugs.

  13. Almost every phone has a dedicated telegram group for specific discussions. Find the photography group for your phone and you'll have a solution.

  14. I found, but all the versions of the app had problems.


  16. It's disabled on mine and it still does this.

  17. This does have a purpose though. The file is not actually being "compressed" if it is under 8mb, I believe they just use it as general term for any file processing that needs to occur; instead, the file is actually either being: converted or reencoded. Lots of files, specifically on mobile devices that use special types (e.g., HEIF on iPhones), have to be reencoded/converted so they can be read, downloaded, and understood by all devices, as well as be displayed as an embed whenever possible.

  18. I think this is wrong because I can't send a .jpeg photo from my phone without being messed with, yet on my PC I can upload that same exact photo without being processed in any way.

  19. All I need to know is: is Gackt in there?

  20. 5h on exynos base S22 but I had to set it to 4G (which is fine, I get 100Mbps on that).

  21. Yeah, I also experienced this when I reached my GW. People do be like that.

  22. The battery part is definitely not normal. But it does have a tiny of ANC going on even in the neutral setting.

  23. Yep, although I don't feel dizzy or anything like that.

  24. Exynos S22, seems fine to me, better framerate on the animations (not perfect tho).

  25. Let's hope it brings the LC3 codec.

  26. Personally, I'd get the new airpods pro 2, similar sound (not 100% the same) and much better interactability with iphone.

  27. I feel the same as you, it's hard to feel proud when you do something that does not benefit anyone else. I'll I can say is that I'm working on that with my therapist, so maybe try therapy?

  28. Yeah. And I understood girls get a lot of unwanted attention and I never want to add to it. I don't want to mistake her friendliness for interest for example. Ideally I'd have a girl explicitly tell me she's interested but I get it's scary for them too

  29. God, you remind me so much of myself that it hurts.

  30. -Eat multiple times a day (instead of the regular 3/4 meals)/Eat every 3 hours

  31. Where do the ladies like chubby men? Just asking for reasobs

  32. I just want apps like Discord to support new formats with preview. I wouldn't mind using HEIC, but theres barely any support.

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