1. This the girl Joey Diaz was talking about that one time on your moms house

  2. This is fake because he didn’t have a stroke halfway betweeen each sentence

  3. I think they’re all considered Daedric in the games code actually

  4. It looks like a cool island theme. I wonder if when it has more small islands to the right of it, it’ll fit in

  5. I disagree. Even going for the Heart in a run makes the lead up harder, since you have to path weird and take harder fights with one less chest and one less campfire overall, not to mention the Heart and its elite pair are harder for most decks to beat than the Act 3 bosses. People who don't understand how to build a deck to beat Act 4 can get past Act 3 and just fail to clear the Heart. A20 Heart would be a worthwhile achievement in terms of difficulty spike.

  6. I mean ok, I’m not even good at the game and I beat the a20 heart once ever with a barricade block deck. Ez clap

  7. Definitely not going to summerset. I 100% believe main game will be hammerfell and maybe a tiny section of high rock, and the major dlc will be high rock and the minor dlc will be wrothgar mountains. Stros mkai should be in the base game also

  8. I’m an islanders fan. I dislike the kings. Idk why

  9. I use astralex shaders with the black borders, and a faithful 32x pack. Works great with mods

  10. Pressure points are actually really good with silent.

  11. Dude that’s nothing. I have a 6* r4 sentry and with aegon and the champion his sp2 hits for a combined 200k on both hits when ramped up

  12. my guy, clearly the damage outputs between a r3 5* to a rank 4 6* are gonna be greatly different. let me be happy :(

  13. Nah I support you, sentry gang needs to stick together

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