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  1. Is that an app or is that in the settings?

  2. Is an app in playstore. Yes, you must install Google services for that

  3. Paramount+ is really bad with international releases, they also made their platform be separate in every country (unlike literally every other streaming service) so that even if you physically went to the US you wouldn’t even be able to watch the movie with your Germany account

  4. I’m considering moving to Philly but I see a lot of mixed opinions about neighborhoods, I have a very low budget but I also don’t wanna signs a lease that I’ll regret. What neighborhoods would you say have the best affordability to safety ratio?

  5. Ella no dice que ninguno de los 2 son malos. Ella está hablando del poco sentido que tendría el cambio. Si tienes un Rolex y alguien ofrece cambiártelo por un Casio, nadie lo haría porque no valen lo mismo, tampoco nadie cambiaría un Ferrari por un Twingo.

  6. What was the Pepsi incident? I've never heard of it.

  7. He was shooting a Pepsi comercial and the pyrotechnics failed causing his hair to caught on fire. He had third degree burns on his scalp and his hair never fully grew back, that’s why he always used a hat and wigs after that

  8. I didn’t take this picture, I stole it from @Roco__23 on Twitter

  9. I will keep the $25 plan for as long as I possibly can

  10. Damn i should had stayed. Is Visible going to automatically move you to new plan?

  11. I have no idea what’s gonna happen, but I think they’ll most likely automatically move me to the $30 plan at some point this year

  12. I’m amazed at their breathing abilities, as a person with allergies I would sneeze myself to death

  13. I compliment everyone, including strangers (both men and women), genuinely and often. If someone looks good, I tell them. If they smell good, I tell them. I know I'm not going to make large scale changes but I believe that if I make one person smile I've changed the world. Kindness is contagious.

  14. I don’t like this mentality because it goes both ways and it makes women think like men only see compliments as flirting. Because of this whenever I try to be nice to a girl they automatically assume I'm flirting with them when I'm just trying to be nice.

  15. I’m not very patriotic and I usually I just take whatever I like best and do it / listen to it/ eat it /watch it regardless of whether it’s from “my people” or not. If you are in love with your culture and want to embrace it that’s great, but I feel like a lot of people that migrate to other countries feel like they need to act a certain way or like certain things just because of where they come from and become a caricature of what they’re “supposed to be”. One thing is loving and embracing your roots and another completely different thing is thinking you’re obligated to be this person and like certain things just because.

  16. You can’t, I true it with multiple old versions and the feature is gone.

  17. Whole foods is expensive and not in small towns. I have a juice attachment myself, trust me - I know what I'm talking about. I'm a slut for fresh oj

  18. These things aren’t in small town supermarkets in Spain either. Small towns all around the world tend to have limited supply of options

  19. I like Max better than Chuck but Obie is a downgrade from Nate

  20. You should probably stop shaving with a razor and use a shaving powder instead

  21. Thanks, I know it looks like Arcus Senilis but it’s not, I asked my eye doctor and she told me that that’s just how my eyes are

  22. Ahhhh… hate to be the one to say this but you have a little milky streaks in your eye that is a bit concerning. Are you wearing contacts? You might need to get your eyes checked.

  23. I’m not wearing contacts in the picture but I had just taken off my scleral contacts when I took the picture and they usually leave a mark that fades after a couple of hours

  24. The only thing I know Michael rappaport from is when he played a neo nazi school shooter in that 90s movie

  25. He was the villain in the second season of Only Murders in the Building

  26. I don't feel drunk on liquor, it's usually a steep edge. if i drink too much I know too late. beer gives me the feeling, I read somewhere that carbonation affects alcohol absorption, makes it faster.

  27. Thank you, I think that this is the end of my drinking journey tbh. I don’t have anything to justify it.

  28. wise choice, I had a cousin from overseas try to teach me the pro ways of drinking as a young adult...drink whiskey to warm the belly then drink beer to expand it. drink and repeat.... let's just say I'm glad this was before camera phones. but I doo wish I could draw the wide eyed portrait of the bartender as I asked for a bucket, he was an absolute deer in the headlights. first and last time I taxi'd home with puke on my shirt. the place was notorious for overserving. even having some local news headlines as people were literrally stepping over unconcious girls on their way out of the bar. good on you! though beer only did stick with me.

  29. Interesting stories, thanks for sharing it. You’re recording my decision because I definitely wouldn’t like to go thorough that. I’m glad you came out OK out of that situation because it sounds awful.

  30. Am I the only one that actually doesn’t care about Logan’s death? Like I think his death was very avoidable and obvious but that makes me more mad than the fact he died per se. I don’t hate Logan, I just wouldn’t mind seeing where the story would go after that. Now, one thing that I do hate is how the show was never able to give us another season as good as the first one.

  31. I can’t speak for every country but are least where I live in Latin America, you have to have metal bars in every single window or else they will break them and get in

  32. I made a backup of my iPhone’s WhatsApp on Dr. Fone and restored it and it fixed it. I would recommend you to see if the messages are in the backup before you restore anything so you don’t lose any data.

  33. Sorry, I said I made a backup of my iPhone but I meant I made a backup of my iPhone’s WhatsApp. I only use the WhatsApp option of Dr. Fone so I forgot you can also do a device backup in it too

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