1. Maybe it’s not the looks, hace you tried working on your personality?

  2. Rolling Stone has been doing a lot lists like this lately just so they can get engagement off of rage bait, I wouldn’t take it too serious

  3. Very handsome but your hair makes you look unkempt. I’d recommend you to lose the facial hair or at least trim it, style your hair, and trim the ends.

  4. Just tint your eyebrows and your eyelashes, that’s all

  5. Your length isn’t even that much different, a trim should be enough. The main difference I see is the styling, your hair is too straight and flat (and a little fried too), you need some sort of product to style it and maybe a blow out

  6. You look great, wouldn’t change a thing. You could get nicer glasses but you look handsome regardless

  7. When he started talking I was ready to side with the women, when the woman started talking I was ready to side with the comment section. Because they’re both so wrong

  8. I feel like humanity has grown past the need of this type of podcasts, there’s too many and everyone involved in them sucks. Who is even watching these?

  9. If this was a monopoly we wouldn’t have as many streaming services as we currently have

  10. APAP allows account holders to deposit funds in the states at Citibank. You would have to work out assigning fudiciaries so they can withdraw in RD.

  11. Are you sure this actually works? I’ve tried to do transfers to an American Citibank account but there’s no way to put the routing number and they ask you for a cédula number even though that’s not a thing in the US. Also I’ve been to the Dominican Citibank and they don’t really offer full banking services like they do in the US, it’s only for businesses

  12. Was this with Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Prestamos (APAP) AND Citibank, OR just Citibank. An expat here in the comments confirmed acitibank in DR is only for business.

  13. Both. What I mean is that the option to deposit I see on my APAP account only shows me the options needed to deposit to a Dominican Citibank account (which is only for business), it doesn’t show me the option to deposit the money on the American one, that’s why I’m asking if you’ve done this before and if it works because I’ve never gotten it to work so maybe there’s something I’m missing

  14. I’m not a mustache person, but it really works for you. I once heard the Amish are not allowed to grow mustaches because they’re too sexy and I didn’t really understand it, but now I do after seeing you

  15. I just googled it and apparently that’s not the actual reason Amish don’t grow mustaches, so TikTok failed me once again, but my point still stands

  16. Honestly, I think a lot of people would benefit from spending time traveling and seeing the world. They'll learn to appreciate what they have back home, and see ways doing things that might be better then what they have.

  17. If they let young Americans go to another country for 2 weeks, an entire generation of the working class simply wouldn’t come back and the US’ economy would collapse.

  18. This is the proper way to do it. I don't know why people are futzing with duplicating mono channels in stereo tracks ... seems YT is to blame.

  19. I personally do it that way because sometimes I have mixed clips with mono and stereo audio on the same track and it’s easier to link both channels on that particular clip than having to unlink the clip from the video and move it to a different track

  20. You don't have to unlink them, just Alt+click on the audio only and drag it down, or when inserting toggle the track destination button. Different types of clip belong on different tracks as the foundation for good sound design in Resolve especially, since Fairlight is almost entirely track-based when it comes to automation and effects.

  21. The way he can do this but I almost faint if I get up of a chair too fast

  22. I've never come across a driver wanting cash over credit card that's paid through uber, they're usually not talkative and focus on driving. I've taken about 10-15 trips through uber this past week, in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

  23. You haven’t taken enough Uber then. I live in Santo Domingo and I take an Uber at least twice a week and it’s extremely common for the drivers to cancel on you if you don’t pay with cash. I usually have to request the Uber at least 30 minutes in advance because I know I’m gonna get my trip canceled at least 2 or 3 times before someone accepts it

  24. function return(return) { return return; }

  25. Every season finale could have been a series finale just Incase. Joss said as much in a commentary but ya Wb was going to end it at 5 but UPN brought it back. I still remember the Buffy Lives bus stop posters

  26. You’re totally right, ever since the first season finale I always ended every finale with the feeling of “I’m glad this continues but I wouldn’t be furious if it ended here”.

  27. I know this isn’t what you asked but buy minoxidil 5% and try it out for at least 4 months following the instructions on the box to see if it helps. A box that will last you for 3 months is only like $20 at Target/Walmart

  28. Is that an app or is that in the settings?

  29. Is an app in playstore. Yes, you must install Google services for that

  30. Paramount+ is really bad with international releases, they also made their platform be separate in every country (unlike literally every other streaming service) so that even if you physically went to the US you wouldn’t even be able to watch the movie with your Germany account

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