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  1. I don't feel drunk on liquor, it's usually a steep edge. if i drink too much I know too late. beer gives me the feeling, I read somewhere that carbonation affects alcohol absorption, makes it faster.

  2. Thank you, I think that this is the end of my drinking journey tbh. I don’t have anything to justify it.

  3. wise choice, I had a cousin from overseas try to teach me the pro ways of drinking as a young adult...drink whiskey to warm the belly then drink beer to expand it. drink and repeat.... let's just say I'm glad this was before camera phones. but I doo wish I could draw the wide eyed portrait of the bartender as I asked for a bucket, he was an absolute deer in the headlights. first and last time I taxi'd home with puke on my shirt. the place was notorious for overserving. even having some local news headlines as people were literrally stepping over unconcious girls on their way out of the bar. good on you! though beer only did stick with me.

  4. Interesting stories, thanks for sharing it. You’re recording my decision because I definitely wouldn’t like to go thorough that. I’m glad you came out OK out of that situation because it sounds awful.

  5. Am I the only one that actually doesn’t care about Logan’s death? Like I think his death was very avoidable and obvious but that makes me more mad than the fact he died per se. I don’t hate Logan, I just wouldn’t mind seeing where the story would go after that. Now, one thing that I do hate is how the show was never able to give us another season as good as the first one.

  6. I can’t speak for every country but are least where I live in Latin America, you have to have metal bars in every single window or else they will break them and get in

  7. I made a backup of my iPhone’s WhatsApp on Dr. Fone and restored it and it fixed it. I would recommend you to see if the messages are in the backup before you restore anything so you don’t lose any data.

  8. Sorry, I said I made a backup of my iPhone but I meant I made a backup of my iPhone’s WhatsApp. I only use the WhatsApp option of Dr. Fone so I forgot you can also do a device backup in it too

  9. Don’t contact them. These people are just trying to steal your money

  10. In the bathroom? Or in the public. Cus if it's in the bathroom I hope that's not illegal or I'm a criminal 🥴

  11. My mom once told me I was born in exactly 9 months (not one day more, not one day less). I didn’t need to know that

  12. I would rather them not ever make the movie. If that happened it would ruin what makes him so terrifying to me. I love the idea of him being soulless evil but in “the shape” of a human. Him saying anything would completely take that away. In my humble opinion at least

  13. That’s one of the main reasons I hated the Rob Zombie movies

  14. Between RZH2 and Resurrection ? Well I certainly wasn't bored watching Resurrection; on top of H2 2009 feeling like an overly gory misery fest, at least some of Resurrection's jokes got a genuine laugh out of me. And I liked a lot of the kills in Resurrection, as well at the atmosphere (in like the first 20 minutes at least) .

  15. Down looks better. I honestly don’t understand why everyone wants you to shave it. It’s your first time with long hair and you should enjoy it for as long as you can (if that’s what you want).

  16. I have similar hair to you in texture (your hair is actually shinier than mine), I’ve tried pretty much everything and nothing has worked for me (Suavecito Pomade does the trick sometimes but I live in a humid place so it doesn’t last). I went to the doctor and they told me my hair is like that because I have hypothyroidism. I’m not saying that’s your case but it wouldn’t hurt to get a checkup

  17. What if I’m white but I’m Dominican?

  18. Yeah Egyptians are very insecure and hate Africa and black people because they think we will somehow lose our identity if we don't hate them for some reason.

  19. Why do Egyptians hate Africa if Egypt is in Africa?

  20. I didn’t quite like it the first time I watched it but it grew on me over time

  21. I like the preservative-free saline with the brand name Purilens, and buy two twelve-packs at a time from Amazon every few months. Good luck!

  22. I’m on the latest version of iOS and the latest version of Instagram yet I have never gotten the tracking prompt for the Instagram app

  23. This reminds me of that one time the the taxi driver that drove me to the resort I was visiting decided to go in the lobby and do a full on photoshoot as if she was staying.

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