1. I experience the same. What worked great for me was going vegan and trying to limit snack intake

  2. I love the pride flag! Did you make it yourself? I have a similar one but it’s not knitted

  3. But are you now blocking an exit by sitting in the aisle? Are you now a hazard?

  4. Not at all, the door is at the side of the room and I'm sitting I'm the back

  5. I want a relationship, but to me it's gonna be a (very special) friendship. my partner can take it as romantic -- I'm okay with that (and of course I'm assuming my partner will also be okay with my stance)

  6. I'm almost in the same situation. I'm indifferent about wanting a romantic relationship, but I have a partner who feels like a very special kind of friend to me

  7. What I don’t get is why we still use the word “Bisexual” if we do include enbys if Bi=2.

  8. the bi in bisexuality comes from being attracted to genders alike your own/experiencing homosexual attraction (1) and being attracted to genders unlike your own/experiencing heterosexual attraction (2).

  9. If that’s the case then why does the Bi community always focus on men and women? It feels like everyone is always focusing on the two main genders and their differences.

  10. I don't think it does. Some do, but quite a lot don't

  11. You can even be aromantic and in a relationship.

  12. I've been vegetarian since the age of 9, turned vegan at 17 and I'm 24 now.

  13. I normally often wear levi's 501. When I've massive endo belly, I wear the same style, but just 2 sizes bigger and that works great for me

  14. A reason? To buy more dice?? What's wrong with you???

  15. How long did it take for you to get this good, and how hard was it to make

  16. I started crochet at the age of 8 and I'm now 24.

  17. Very considerate to post the transcription and glad that you did.

  18. I have a ? ... what am I missing? ... all of a sudden it's dice, dice bags etc ... it's it a come back of dnd or something else newer??? ... I'm 53, love all my crazy collections and think of myself as cool in an older sorta way but feel like I'm missing what's going on w the dice craze atm ... help ... thanks

  19. I've only played for a little under a year, so I don't have the most information. I feel like dnd goy a lot more popular during the lock down, since it's something people could play while social distancing/online. Most of my friends have quite some dice (because dice are pretty and fun) and have dicebags to keep all their dice together.

  20. Do you get photos of the inside? I'm so sorry I'm new here and getting a lap is my next step

  21. The showed the pictures to me. They made pictures of all the places they found endo or scar tissue before and after the removed it. I don't have the pictures, but I think you can ask a hospital to send them.

  22. I think we may actually be the same person

  23. Super cute! How did you go about making the partitions?

  24. I made 3 rectangles and sew them together straight down the middle. After making this, I am simply sew them into the bag.

  25. This is so cute! I'd love to make one, could you share the pattern if there is one

  26. Image description: There are 3 pictures, all pictures show a dicebag. The dicebag looks like the Animal Crossing Bell bag. It's yellow, with a red tie and a brown star. In all pictures the dicebag is standing on a white hand and the background is a blueish grayish wall.

  27. Oooooh I love the inside of that. I've made a few bags, so I could definitely repeat that but I've never seen the inside with the sections! How do you achieve that?

  28. I made 3 rectangles and sew them together straight down the middle. After making this, I am simply sew them into the bag.

  29. Omg where did you find the pattern for this? This is amazing and I need it in my life

  30. Thank you! I completely freehanded this, so I don't have a pattern

  31. If something changes, I always recommend getting it checked out.

  32. You look like the cool uncle of the family

  33. My doctor told me only 20% of the cases are visible on a MRI.

  34. I don't have a guestroom. I don't need a guestroom if people nood to stay over. I've a sleeping mat and sleeping bag someone can use. I've a couch and a blanket they can use. If I'm close to them, we can sleep in my bed together.

  35. I totally get it. I also have PTSD. My doctor asked me about doing an internal echo. When he saw how unsure I was, he told Mr he didn't let me decide anymore and that he's not willing to do it. I'm so thankful for that. I got scheduled for a MRI instead, and again, I'm so thankful that my doctor really did what was best for me.

  36. Having a shedding fase is also quite normal. I know mine generally is from June-August.

  37. Date? Yes, but only if they aren't sex-repulsed or the relationship must be open/poly

  38. Hi MerelYael, thanks for posting your FO for us to see! If you have a link to the pattern you used or any other relevant information (e.g., yarn brand, weight, type; hook used), please reply to this comment with that information so that everyone can see it. Thanks!

  39. I made this as a pattern test for lizardandhook. The name of the pattern is the Melita top.

  40. That is amazing but i would feel way too exposed wearing that lol , good for you tho ! Also where can I get the pattern ?

  41. I made this as a pattern test for lizardandhook. The name of the pattern is the Melita top.

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