1. If the description mentions it's fake, then I don't report it, since they are not scamming anyone. If the description doesn't mention it's fake, I'll report it.

  2. To me these look fake, the shape of the plastic toe box looks a little different on the original ones.

  3. “Um, actually wouldn’t it be Pan, as Pan means to be attracted to everyone?” -🤓

  4. Not necessarily. Bisexuality includes all genders, so bi still works in this joke.

  5. I hadn't noticed the "-" in front of the emoji. Anyway, have a nice day :)

  6. It could be that someone has multiple VInted accounts and posted it on both

  7. I've used 2 accounts on another platform. Sometimes I would reduce the price on one account, but forgot to do it on the other. So that could happen

  8. There isn't really a wrong technique. I've seen so many different techniques. There isn't really a good or a bad, what works really well for me may not work at all for someone else.

  9. Your stitches look really nice and even, great work!

  10. Typing this before I read the post: Of course you're not. Not consenting doesn't make one an asshole. You don't owe sex to anyone.

  11. So having a romantic relationship with someone is wanting to be able to enjoy time with that one person and just spending quality time with them? Doesn't have to be sexual.

  12. I think romantic attraction is best described as "the attraction that makes you want to be in a relationship with someone".

  13. Als je nu al de motivatie verliest, dan is het niet realistisch dat je je studie nog 3,5 jaar gaat volhouden.

  14. No. I drew something and posted it on 4 subs I saw as fitting

  15. I think it is awesome when people transcribe stuff in the comments I'm not sure how many people who need it actually use reddit, but any attempt to make this community more accessible is awesome.

  16. I once had a librarian comment on one of my image description. She told me that there are people in her library that use text to speech and that they appreciate it a lot!

  17. Idk much about scythes but I'm pretty sure you only swing them one way, unless you count the re-windup

  18. I did count the swing back to the starting position :)

  19. I swear every time I read the words "I love my friends." I think about that derpy giraffe.

  20. Good point, from now on, I identify as a derpy giraffe

  21. Wait is bisexual people aren’t viewed as funny :(

  22. Circle tool... Like nice comic, but cmon.

  23. A definite yes if it's convenient enough. At my current place, the bus stop is just a 3 minute walk.

  24. Ik zat in de trein en de conducteur kwam langs voor ticket controle. Ik pak alvast mijn OV-kaart en merk dat het wel lang duurt voordat hij er is, ondanks dat ik hoor dat hij dichtbij is. Ik begin te luisteren. Al snel merk ik dat er een zwartrijder achter mij zit. De conducteur is met hem in gesprek en noteert gegevens. Dan hoor ik de conducteur aangeven hoe teleurgesteld hij is in de jonge man. Wat bleek? Dezelfde conducteur dezelfde man op hetzelfde traject de dag ervoor ook betrapt op zwartrijden.

  25. For me it only takes one day to receive it, so I think I may be lucky.

  26. You should see some of the other stuff she crochets! She definitely has a talent

  27. You can't comment this without telling where we can see her beautiful work!

  28. Thank you for sharing, she makes beautiful things. You're a lucky guy

  29. It's not a mistake, it's a design choice

  30. I mean this in the kindest and most non-judgemental possible:

  31. Ik gebruik eigenlijk alleen sojamelk! Hiermee kan ik ook prima cakes, taarten, koekjes en pannekoeken maken zonder er iets als ei-vervanger in te hoeven gooien.

  32. Het is net weer jammer dat ik precies niet tegen de beste optie kan he. De smaak is top, structuur is top (niet zo 'korrelig' als havermelk, maar gelukkig maakt me dat weinig uit), maar de buikkrampen die ik ervan krijg, zijn niet zo top. Probeer nu maar de nummer 2 in de categorieën te vinden. Gelukkig lijk ik verder overal wel tegen te kunnen!

  33. Ik kan niet lezen, helemaal over je intolerantie heen gelezen. Zelf gebruik ik geen andere, dus daar kan ik niet veel meer keer vertellen. Ik hoop dat je wat lekkers vindt :)

  34. Bisexuality is attraction to more than one gender and can be seen as an umbrella-sexuality with micro-labels like pan,  omni and poly underneath. Pansexuality is attraction to all genders regardless of gender.  Omnisexuality is attraction to all genders with a gender preference or experiencing attraction differently towards different genders differently. Polysexuality is attraction to multiple genders but not all.  All micro-labels fit the definition of bisexuality,  that's why some people use both bi and a micro-label.

  35. Zelf niet christelijk, maar ik heb wel een algemene tip.

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