Singularity Predictions 2023

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  1. But the expected value of the bet is positive. You should definitely play.

  2. Oare nu-i spune nimeni acestui personaj că prețurile nu pot fi scumpe sau ieftine, ci pot fi doar mici sau mari?

  3. Partly yes, but please note that gut microbiota are stand-alone organisms can also live outside of the gut.

  4. Yes, they can. Generally speaking both of the symbiotic organisms can survive on their own, but they live better together.

  5. Ok, this should be fun. Just for the record: I don't believe any of this. It is just an exercise.

  6. I used it as a test whether this (rather terrifying) post was fake or not:

  7. If more intelligent & more powerful, then why not take control? Never say never. Think a few decades ahead. And then think exponential.

  8. Theory: because they don't have a clear and stable sense of self, it is more easily for them to get under the skin of others

  9. They are different systems.

  10. Also, for a few days it was possible to use ChatGPT as an API through a leaked model named text-chat-davinci-002-20221122 which definitely confirms the Davinci heritage.

  11. Exactly. This person is delusional. And when I am asking for a source, he merely attacks. What a zoo.

  12. I keep on wondering about this. There is the bubbling phenomenon. I don't know about the average Joe.

  13. “Negative probabilities revolve around the idea of cancellation. In classical probabilities, when an event has occurred, it has occurred and there is nothing you can change about it. In negative probabilities events can be cancelled. There are positive events and negative (anti) events.” This is a Lex subreddit we have to show our 🧠

  14. Thank you for showing us tweets from almost one year ago

  15. You know how they say that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they talk to the waitress?

  16. 1 month followup: symptoms 98% gone, also switched to split keyboard and vertical mouse, plus self massage @ TE5 Outer Gate point.

  17. Eh, I found my way around the filters my parents set up when I was twelve and they finally decided to get dial-up.

  18. I just don't get it. Playground is much better, and almost an order of magnitude cheaper. I never paid more than $10/mo

  19. Playground does give different results. For example if you try to ask to rewrite something targeting toddlers. The result in chat is so much better compared to playground.

  20. Play a little with prompt engineering. The playground is tremendously flexibile.

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