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  1. Everything seems to have been figured out except the picnic, the bridge near Princes motorcycle, and that weird antenna.

  2. Noooo. No feeding them. But she cleans with them, diffuses them, and uses them for everything else. She does have a “pet lotion” or something but if she uses it, it’s not on my cats but hers. The EO thing is a whole ass mess.

  3. Diffusing is definitely harmful to their health and potentially fatal depending on the type of oil!!

  4. 4,5, and 6 are the only ones I’m having trouble with. I don’t know if I need or want any of the stuff in them or if I can even save them for gifts. But the first three at least there’s 2 things I’d choose.

  5. I might actually get that potentially VERY ugly felt hat in Cat 3. I had that eucalyptus body wash and hated it, my hair hates Living Proof, I don't need another lip gloss or pair of sunglasses to save my life, i already have that damn pom pom hat, the sleep gummies scare me, and i have soft-sided luggage so don't need the packing cubes. The "Ingrid Goes West" style wide brimmed hat is my only option!

  6. Very curious about your experience with the living proof because it’s one I’ve wanted to try buuuuut it’s in a category where there’s other things I’d choose.

  7. It’s crazy how people in our culture fetishize ‘shamanism’ or spiritual things. Real medicine people don’t talk like that lol. We always get outside people showing up randomly to our ceremonies and they always think they need to talk in cryptic riddles or something to impress the people. I guess that’s how movies portray spiritual figures or something. It is so ridiculous it becomes hilarious. Medicine people are regular people- they talk and joke and are sometimes rude or impatient like regular people are because they are regular people.

  8. I agree that Eternals should have been a series of episodes instead of a movie. Too many characters and details to squeeze in for it to feel complete. I didn’t hate Eternals, but it was in dire need of more meat to it’s story and character development. There was no way to feel anything deep for the characters because there were too many to give them all proper time. Even if it was one season, with each getting their own episode to delve into their stories from their perspective, and then episodes where they all come together and do the thing.

  9. The Red Bull from The Last Unicorn. The first time I ever saw it I was uncomfortable to say the least. That bull, and just the way the scene is done all around, was scarier to me than Darkness in Legend and friggin Friday the 13th movies.

  10. Not a creature but I swear Homelander is the most terrifying villain ever.

  11. Essential oils. Someone I know puts it in food sometimes. Yeah, it smells like basil, but it sure does not taste like it.

  12. Oh fuck off. I like how he calls himself out for sending American jobs overseas so exploit people in other countries for less pay. Everything he seems to think is a positive is only so for the higher up suits who haven’t had to see how hard it is to live anymore. People don’t want to be treated like robots just to struggle to survive.

  13. Oh, these are bad. I’m really hoping the other categories make up for it or something. Like, I don’t even know if I could gift any of this to my sister or niece which is usually what I do in these instances.

  14. This is hysterical. The party lights in the house with them seen through the windows, then crawling over railings and shit. Omg.

  15. Of course he thinks he can’t be roasted, he can’t open his fucking eyes

  16. YTA. She made it very clear that the hike was too hard for you and if you couldn’t finish you would have to wait. Your ego being bruised and your unrealistic expectations are to blame, not your gf. And going to the gym is not the same as hiking, there’s a lot more factors in hiking, like incline and elevation. It’s just different.

  17. I don't understand: does watching someone cut set something off in your girlfriend's brain making her want to go cut?

  18. Thank you so much, your reply was really helpful, but do you by any chance know if there is a list somewhere with timestamps on each episode or something like that, where i can see the warnings, so i can tell her to not look at that moment, or doesn't something like that exist?

  19. If it’s that bad you should probably skip this one. There’s just TOO much going on, you would be pressing buttons more than watching it.

  20. Bro, the entire draw of this box is getting to pick what you want. The summer box was a let down, and if this one is too then I’m beatin feet. Way too expensive to be playing games.

  21. That would definitely be more effective but it's a hell of a lot of work and you're also going to destroy pretty much all bacteria except what's in the filter. Some soap will also still be in the filter anyway.

  22. Thank you! I think since I have another fully established tank I’ll just do a full clean and re “seed” it from the other tank- which is how this tank was created in the first place haha the snail will be okay with the others in the other tank while I cycle and the betta needs the hospital tank for a bit with his condition anyways. I guess I just have a day of work ahead of me tomorrow hahaha

  23. I don't care that he's seen as too old for the part now, Josh Holloway would make an incredible Gambit in the MCU

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