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  1. Oh man this is amazing. Not sure if everyone on this sub knows it. But Gavin can't stand soggy bread. I remember an old RT life video of someone chasing him around with soggy bread and he kept gagging. Good timessss.

  2. I think an old TTT or other Gmod/Source video when Ray was still around had someone with a spray of soggy bread that made him gag too lol.

  3. This seems fake or those people are idiots. They took their baby out there and there was no sense of urgency to go back inside. I think he even made sure the door was closed.

  4. Your right I paid those dogs good money

  5. Violent kicking in the bath chair thing is our norm.

  6. If I am reading the rules correctly I need to comment at least once so its visible to everyone?

  7. You think that person who flattened there arm in a press can use this to fix it?

  8. Why are you defending trash karma posts and the smoothbrains that upvote them?

  9. Maybe they just wanted to start or be part of a conversation?

  10. Yeah, ive been telling everyone to get one lol.

  11. Thanks gives me even more motivation to get off my ass and keep working out. I don’t hang much it hurts my palms too much but I need a better grip and hang out this back pain.

  12. Right now it’s Crawlspace by Chat Pile

  13. I would say IT's biggest influence is Deathspell Omega, especially Fas/Paracletus. Probably a good deal of Gorguts there too.

  14. Very late reply but I never payed much attention to Portal and I’m enjoying it, took me a few listens though.

  15. I recently rented a Ford Escape for a trip and they had 2 different fuel icons with arrows on different sides. It wasn’t as intuitive as I was used to :/

  16. 2019 Elantra GT does the same. Correct symbol is on the fuel gauge. Incorrect symbol is displayed above the center menu.

  17. The easiest way to tell them apart are tight pants, leather pants, come from money, makeup, lipstick, nazi symbols for the edge, cuckoldery, and a dash of audibly cringe lyrics, and there you have it. Metal. You got it confused with excitement

  18. Yeah, don’t know why you’re being downvoted.

  19. With my fruit punch I taste nothing on 2 and a lot on 3

  20. You can like metal and punk and Green Day and Slipknot. You can dislike a genre as a whole and still like a band within that genre. I like Despised Icon, Blackpink, Cannibal Corpse, Sum 41, Run the Jewels, Taylor Swift, Chvrches, Huun Huur Tu, sea shanties, Cattle Decapitation, Ylvis, Jinjer, Blink182, Immortal Technique, Born of Osiris, Johnny Cash, and whoever else gives me enjoyment to listen to. Arguing about what you should and shouldn't like based on obscure subgenres is fucking ridiculous.

  21. New despised icon rips. Never been so happy for a band to reunite and still be as good as their older material.

  22. Thanks man people on the other sub keep telling me they wish Necrophagist would make more albums like the fuck? Lol

  23. I always legally carry, even when taking out the garbage and in pajamas lol. We have bears around here and coyote, plus I’m disabled with spinal cord injuries and cannot run or walk quickly so I worry a lot about that. Anyways… If I see even one dog, any breed, charging at me like that.. I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to dispose of it.

  24. I had my shorts on that barely fit anymore that were falling down with just my phone in it lol.

  25. My brain can not process what you are holding

  26. There is a pothole on the main road near our house and a semi will smash into it and shake the house. I guarantee it won’t take much vibration for his plastic headphone to slide on the curved plastic controller lol.

  27. Damn this shows been without a new season for years. Literally forgot it even existed

  28. I remember everyone talking about this show some years ago and just finally started watching it this month and am at the last episode of season 3 right now. I’m scared for the newer seasons I’ve seen people shitting on lol.

  29. My mouth tastes like literal ass in the mornings. Dont even like swallowing my saliva without brushing my teeth lol

  30. Do you also have a fan blowing down your wide open mouth like me?

  31. It’s not. My niece used to convincingly mine struggling with an invisible force too at this age because it made me laugh.

  32. Yeah I’m not seeing a kid off balance like others have pointed out it just looks a kid with an imagination lol.

  33. I mean I would live in a tiny house. Sweeping cleaning and dusting in less than half the time sounds great right now.

  34. My daughter is 9 months and weighs 25 lbs. it fits fine lol

  35. Result is inconclusive. Snopes claims the story is a bit murky, but the image could be real. This rumor was the inspiration for the character Mason Verger from the Hannibal books.

  36. First thing I thought of was mason and the tv adaptation scene of him cutting his face of and eating and saying “I’m full of myself”

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