1. If they are push fit you could try to shorten the bolts that you push in by a few mm. If that does not help, check that you removed all the unwanted plastic that's left over from clipping it out of the sprue.

  2. Just gonna tag on to this comment to say that GW greenstuff really isn't that great of a filler (and BTW "greenstuff" is actually just Kneadatite repackaged with a heavy markup). Tamiya, Humbrol, and Squadron Putty are much easier to work with for small gaps. Thin to desired consistency using liquid poly glue, apply using toothpick.

  3. Factually spot on but oh man, the use of Vietnam is really poor optics when it comes to convincing western people. All they're going to see is the open air meat markets, people riding scooters right into said markets, the piles of garbage all over the ground, etc.

  4. A lot of that is caused by municipal governments that think it's a great idea to charge dumping fees. You can instantly tell which type of waste a city charges to dump by driving around looking for the fly-tipped waste.

  5. For a post covid world, it needs more offices for WFH.

  6. Really!? So a dining room, breakfast room, living room, AND great room are all essential to you, there's no way you could convert any of those into an office? And you need all four bedrooms? AND a full attic with 2 storey belvedere?

  7. I think the real question here is; why haven't you minimized local chat down to just the names list yet?

  8. Is it just in this one area? Or everywhere? I second the water intrusion idea, but also the mix could have been off. We have a spot on ours where that’s the case.

  9. It looks like the part that is degrading is the masonry around the stone, not the stone itself.

  10. As an immigrant who moved here when I was a child in the 90s, the Canada we live in now isn’t the same as it was. I’m not anti immigrant, but we shouldn’t invite half a million new immigrants just for them to struggle when they get here. Todays struggle isn’t the struggle from the 90s. It’s tough.

  11. Also an immigrant and I'd say the biggest change was in the last 6 or so years under Trudeau. I watched this country go from affordable outside of the major cities, to 3 bed houses averaging over a million bucks.

  12. Most posts recently are nowhere near the mark.

  13. I grew up in the UK. It does have lots of third places beyond just pubs, but I'd say Brits are not as social as they used to be, and the cornerstone institution of the pub is in very significant decline. It would however still be a relative upgrade over someone who is used to North America's total lack of third places. Out of all the English speaking options, the UK is probably the best. Get past the "I don't want to talk to anyone" barrier and you'll find Brits are very friendly, earnest, and willing to make new friends.

  14. Well first of all, I think having Vancouver as a starting point perspective on organic housing unaffordability is a poisoned well. That's probably the most corrupt, artificially inflated housing market on the face of the planet, per square foot. It's also not especially dense.

  15. I am very amused that out of the giant wall of kvetching you decided that the one sentence I dedicated to making a snarky tongue-in-cheek remark about Slack was my "biggest point of criticism".

  16. Because our IT team are real heroes and I'm disagreeing, simple as that - and in contrast to the rest of the post re BRAVE, which I can accept as your experience/opinion, even if I personally see it differently (or I would have left, I guess).

  17. Using slack doesn't make your IT team "heroes", it just makes them people who like office culture way too much.

  18. Well my answer is a little different because I'm a millionaire. I ended up owning a piece of land along with the mining claims on that land, which turned out to have massive valuable mineral deposits on them. So for owning a $5000 "worthless" square of wilderness I now have an 8 figure bank balance and 9 figure net worth.

  19. I've definitely had fiery pits of despair brought to me by Taco Bell.

  20. Thanks, same to you. I have no respect for people who think that having the ability to impose on others or to be cruel is equal to having the right or moral justification for doing so. I believe that social class without social obligation is just a caste system, it is a self-perpetuating strata of privilege. What I see out there now is a generation of wealthy people who don't realise or respect the fact that we built this project of western civilisation as a rising tide that lifts all ships, and that their selfishness is not only wrong, it is pillaging everything we have built.

  21. Gank baiting and anti-ganking is fucking hilarious.

  22. When gankers go off more ships die. See last months Orcageddon.

  23. Irritated how many ppl never even heard bout Mastodon :D

  24. Isn't it that thing you do when your wife isn't putting out?

  25. Hello, this is your doctor speaking, I diagnose you with internet. Here's a prescription of touch grass, take 10 times daily. Hope you feel better after this.

  26. for some reason Goons still feel the need to post on external forums when they have perfectly good internal ones.

  27. Since the mission to ruin everyone's game failed they settled with shitting up the EVE sub.

  28. Yes, I'm looking for something that merges the best of Prairie School, an orthodontist's office, and a Hampton Inn. Oh yeah, and I have to pee a lot. Like really a lot.

  29. "And over here we have a very spacious closet, which as you can see is also en-suite"

  30. Well from the looks of it my guess would be a lifelabs, a dentist, and a walk-in clinic.

  31. Everyone knows DPS stands for Dick Penis Size

  32. Is it against the rules to copypasta your own comment?

  33. I don’t know what you mean… am I doing that?

  34. No lol I was referring to a comment I made on this sub recently that fits the theme of what you were talking about. I thought you might've seen it.

  35. Pretty sure you might need to check up on this maths, doesn't pass the sniff test.

  36. "I don't like the facts so they must be wrong"

  37. It is a perfectly legitimate argument, when the added risk is miniscule.

  38. Arguing with anti-nuclear people is a bit like arguing with anti-seatbelt people. The fact that they've already arrived at such bad conclusions doesn't bode well for their ability to spot better arguments when they're presented with them.

  39. Dreads are easier and faster to train than carriers.

  40. Yeah that's why I trained into the Phoenix first.

  41. Why do landlords and property management talk to their tenants like this? Is it a power trip? Or do their kind multiply faster for every extra dollar they suck out of somebody?

  42. This hole in the ground is probably more cozy than most people's houses.

  43. In my experience, they almost always respond with the same bullshit myths every time, which is why I've stopped listening to them.

  44. It’s a children’s museum. Can you imagine people continuing to bring their children to this museum if it was getting a bunch of bad press about refusing to fire an employee who dressed up like hitler? Most of the people in this sub aren’t reading the article as it stands. Maybe in time they can hire him back but the fact is that even though he’s got a disability, his actions could’ve really hurt his employer.

  45. One of these days I think you might realise that your attitude is part of the problem.

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