1. The Circumspect Envoy has replaced and re-printed their paperwork detailing Arbor about forty times by now. Forty times has a thief stole and sold those papers to the Brass Embassy to gain favor with the Devils. The thief has garnered so much attention from the heists that the only reason they have not gone to jail yet is because of the sheer amount of Ablution Solution that they are buying with the proceeds from said heists.

  2. I have Time and am (very slowly) working towards cider, so we'll see.

  3. Fallen London x TheOwl House. I don’t know the specifics of how it would work out, but I just know that it would be a complete and utter mess.

  4. Scorched By The Sun, mainly because I find it pretty funny that you can spend 50 fate to instantly kill your character.

  5. What are you planning to do with that much coffee? Brute force your way up to a hellworm in one day? Drink until your blood is replaced with caffeine, and the boatman has played enough chess with you to compete with the veterans of the great game? Chug all 77 of them at once to ascend past the limits of the Neath and the Surface and all reality itself??

  6. If you find fish teeth, keep them. They’re annoying to get and you need them to progress.

  7. Oh, wow. That’s beautiful. Super flowy and dynamic- It looks alive, even.

  8. Finally someone says it. I love that guy. Hero to indie horror games right there

  9. What. I didn’t hear about this what the fuck. What’s the story. I need details

  10. A bunch of furries jacked off on a pizza at a furry convention

  11. If anyone does this to me they are getting kicked in the groin. I do not care about intent or gender or how well I know you, you will be getting a foot between the legs

  12. Same comic series where a boston boy that runs fast is canonically gods gift to women, who thinks his dad is tom jones

  13. You forgot to mention how Tom Jones’ roommate at the time of his death was an evil wizard who happened to be the crazy soldier man’s former roommate, and moved in with time jones because said crazy soldier kept fucking up his evil wizard mansion

  14. Who’s Lila. The story has so much potential for interesting plotlines! I’d love to see what people write, but unfortunately it’s not that popular I don’t think.

  15. Yep. Yeah. I do that a lot. In books, I’ll re-read pages with that character. In shows, I’ll get overwhelmingly hyped for episodes that seem to feature that character. In games, I go out of my way to encounter or talk to or play as said character.

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