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  1. yooooo hypothethically speaking if femdenji was of age and you had seggs with her??? like in blowjob phase ??? she'd be goated cuz she'd always swallow cuz she was malnourished??? yooooo???

  2. sounds like the ventkids from warframe jesus

  3. In fairness of Makima, that was the only way to break Denji's contract with Pochita so she can have him come out. He had to make his life miserable and mentally break him by killing his loved ones.

  4. That is true. Once she came out of the closet the depression kicked in

  5. Lol you can take Oberon to archon hunts with relatively no investment.

  6. Fun Fact flatworms fight each other with their two penises and the one that gets stabbed gets injected with semen and is forced to carry the children of the other one

  7. Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found

  8. This is painful, sad but also very clean and fits - well done and you don't have to regret anything for trying to make other people feel better by making memes :3

  9. Could anyone who knows what the name of this song is with the filter on olease share? Or without the filter on? Or both? I actually quite love it! This is phonk right? Or drift phonk?

  10. If you have a modded ui that shows health, you’ll find that it scales with difficultly, I think it’s like 8000 on death wish, and they heal near instantly the moment they aren’t taking damage, the only thing that can out dps them is a swat turret

  11. We as players get slight grace between shots but the ai don’t so that whey they are killed so fast

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