1. It's cheating just like being fingered or giving a hand job would be. Accept and proceed accordingly.

  2. I only tell people to stop smoking when they do it around me because the smoke can affect my health. No matter how big someone gets, that's never going to negatively impact my health, so I keep my opinion to myself.

  3. That I would enjoy "making love" over "getting fucked" solely based on being a female. .

  4. Morning sex is the best because your wet dreams are still percolating around in your subconscious and no one has had the opportunity to ruin your mood.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your words are obviously spoken from a place of caring and it is reassuring to see in the cold void of online media.

  6. Not a song that comes to mind specifically. But SO are going to see Kendrick Lamar soon and I might just burst into tears. I know exAP is a huge fan.

  7. So, ymmv on this one but after the death of a loved one, in order to avoid going into tears whenever I heard a song that reminded me of them I would play that song on my drive to and from work when I was alone in my car and could bawl my eyes out.

  8. Oh man Unlove You that one is tough to listen to! Stay by Sugarland guts me too

  9. But I love the cover of "Sex is on Fire". "What I'd Give" is another good one.

  10. I have no advice just letting you know you aren't the only OW waiting for a MM to get home from vacation. 😀

  11. I do it all the time. And feel like it's a good way for him to pop in and get a Lil ego stroke if he needs it. If I really wanted to vent I'd just create a throwaway. It's not hard. Also to bring up topics that haven't come up for us yet.

  12. Leave. Your kids deserve a happy home. And why are you having sex with a man you hate. I'd cut that shit right off.

  13. She's Christian. Christians are all about ruining things that should be fun.

  14. These people don't know about your personal feelings. Don't hold it against them that they can't read your mind

  15. Really? In the modern era there are still people who think "when are you going to have babies?" Is a valid question?

  16. Wear an upside-down pineapple pendant and an ankle bracelet on your right ankle. We’ll all get the message. /s (or is it /s?)

  17. I received a surprise visit (1.5 hour warning), from my AP yesterday. We should catch up next week because his wife is away for the week. Thought I might tease him on Monday morning and say that at x-o'clock my toys come out and if he wants to watch he'll need to be there. He's keeps asking to watch but we get sidetracked. Full moon here tomorrow.... the crazies have already been coming out.

  18. Thank you for the inspiration as to what I might be doing next week for my AP!

  19. Banging my ex bf a year after we broke up just to find out what a bigger dick felt like. (We had not had piv when we were dating)

  20. I feel the same way about my AP and our SOs! It's nice to have a secret smile and someone to commiserate with when we have a challenge in our long term relationships.

  21. Him laying down, my head on his stomach looking down at his cock and balls. Best angle for also stroking him with my hands while bobbing my head on his cock.

  22. If a guy I found to potentially be sexual intimate with wasn't talking sex within 1 hr, I'd assume he wasn't interested in me or that he was a guilt king and no one got time for that.

  23. I think the mix of bacteria from 3 vaginas is causing infections. It's not an sti I never said it was

  24. You get UTIs from failing to get up and pee right after piv. That's on you, not him.

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