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  1. Did you really have to photograph the back of your mouth was that necessary

  2. That's terrifying that sombitch gonna rip right off the front end

  3. They'll just have to pay attention to not mix up numbers and letters most common is db gp writing ns backwards the difficulty depends on the child some letters and numbers some just numbers and they're order he might be able to write words completely backwards with this skill tho not productive pretty cool nonetheless anyway you'll know when they start writing

  4. Made some lemon tea I'm peaking can't stop smiling I feel wavy asf rn

  5. I like Hamilton but I find his chemistry a bit sloppy..Plus they always give him a baby dose..Remember when he did Sapo? He woke up saying you can make cookies with love all calm and shit..I woke up swimming in myown puke after shitting myself while peeing at the same time..If your gonna research pharmacopeia Go ALL THE WAY!! His comment was from the Matrix..I walked with GOD himself.. Who got the better research results? Get it..Hamilton if your out there hit me up and I'll show you how it's done.. Love ya bro...>>>DOC>>>

  6. Coffee grinder and smoke it's gonna taste like a straight up tree and may give you a headache

  7. G.luteus is a psychedelic sp, so technically the truth 😁

  8. So would an example of this be beech boletes and bitter beech boletes? Considering the means to ID are spore prints (which can take anywhere from 2-24 hours) or having some iron salts on hand to tell them apart?

  9. it’s not that there’s a specific “edible” taste, it’s just that the taste of some mushrooms is quite distinctive, just as the smell or color of other mushrooms can be quite distinctive. for example the bitter bolete (tylopilus felleus) can look similar to porcini, but the taste is like rancid dishsoap - very distinctly different from porcini.

  10. Hello everyone, thank you for the answer ! 👍

  11. Hey is that a grape mash strainer for wine making right behind the shrooms

  12. Looks to me like Chlorophyllum rhacodes (more common in eastern US) unless a spore print reveals green spores. In that case it is likely Ch. molybdites. If you’re westward though, then it may also be Ch. brunneum (white spores). Sorry I can’t get a perfect ID for you but thanks for sharing this beautiful shroom!

  13. You should definitely spore print, but unless you’re colorblind, you should be able to tell a dark green spore print from any other color on your own.

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