1. Oh poor baby! You did everything you could for your boy, I'm sure he knew how much you loved him. Bunnies are such sweet, but delicate creatures and it never seems like we have enough time with them... Give his brother some extra cuddles, I'm sure he's just as devastated as you are

  2. Have you tried putting extra litter boxes where he is peeing?

  3. I have, he uses them when I'm in the room with him, but it seems like he's angry that I leave him during the day and pees in retaliation? I'll leave for a second after cleaning and come back to more peeeee. I might end up renaming them piss boy and lava girl 😅

  4. Whenever I find pee, I’ll say “Bad!”, then (gently) bop them on the nose, wipe it up with a paper towel, stick that towel under their nose, then pick them up and put them in the litter. Then I say “Go Peepee”.

  5. Probably start by approaching him from his good eye and showing him your hand when petting. Also trying to keep his enclosure exactly as it was before and after cleaning, so he can remember where everything is. Try and put more padding on walls and cage sides, since he might bonk into things more often. Other than that, he should be a happy boy!

  6. Aww, that is how you teach children to be gentle with animals 🥰

  7. First I want to thank all of you who commented on my previous post! I was so happy to see so many helpful people respond so thoughtfully!! ❤️

  8. I'm so happy to hear that the sweetest little bun man is getting the help he needs 🥺. The videos of him honking and being adorable have helped me when my buns weren't feeling well. I wish you both luck and health ❣️❣️❣️

  9. Aww, they seem like sweet baby girls! You will need to have them separate during recovery, since they could try and pick on one another while not feeling well. Pain meds (provided by the vet), critical care, treats/favorite fruit, and a warm water bottle/heated blanket are helpful! Just spend time with them and make sure they don't open their stitches. Good luck to them both 💕

  10. Thank you for the response. I've been reading about tummy pressing and stuff, I think you are right.

  11. I think people might think the tone is a little off when they told you to go to the vet and you responded that they costs were high. I agree that medical expenses are very costly and finding a good vet can be hard, but it did seem like you were writing that advice off. It seems like you might be in a really rural area without much access to vet care (at least for the bunnies), so you might want to at least plan for what you will have to do if an emergency happens. Say a bunny gets attacked or breaks it's leg (I know, a terrible thought), you will either need to drive somewhere for vet care or put your pet down yourself. Just food for thought

  12. My biggest consideration when bonding is 1) personality and 2) hormones! If both are fixed (it sounds like boy #2 is getting the snip soon) and have had a bit over a month to get the hormones out of their system, that shouldn't be too big of an issue. I have 2 bonded pairs and tried to bond them didn't work. My 2 girls and one of the boys got along fantastically, since all of them are fairly chill and like affection. My last boy HATED them all, including his own bun-wife when I put him in with them. He's just a super sassy boy and apparently hates other rabbits besides Poppy girl.

  13. Wow! That's a lot to handle when you aren't expecting it. Can I ask what her setup is like, so I can possibly recommend some changes to make her feel more comfortable? Also, maybe getting lower to the ground when you approach her could help? I might not clean up after her as much, since she's probably trying to nest and make her space smell like her, but she definitely needs food (people recommend feeding mom alfalfa to help get protein after giving birth and making milk). I know it stresses her out for you to watch her, so maybe you could set up a camera to make sure she's feeding the baby? Regardless, you probably will need to keep checking up on the baby, since new bun moms can be confused on how to do it

  14. She's in a large pen that takes up like, a good chunk of our livingroom lol, we were intending on her free roaming once shes more comfortable but atm we thought it was best to keep her in there. Shes got a bunch of hidey places and her nest is in a cardboard box that we've set up because she gave birth in her litter tray:( we've been checking on the baby every morning just to make sure theyre safe, fed and warm Ill see if I can get a decent pic of her pen!

  15. That honestly sounds like an awesome setup! I adopted a rescue that was super scared of people (I would love to have a "talk" with whoever hurt this poor baby). What worked to make her more comfortable was putting blankets around the x-pen walls and a couple over top. This made her feel more enclosed and protected, so she felt safer exploring and doing different things.

  16. Hello, we've just been to the vet. He said it's likely that he has a retrobulbar abscess. The teeth seem fine. We'll do a CT for him to see what's there.

  17. I don't have experience with this specific illness, but I can tell you that bun will still live a happy healthy life even if you have to take one of his eyes. One of my bunnies has a chronic eye issue and he's still the happiest little derp around! They are incredibly good at adapting, so do whatever the doc recommends for your little one. I promise that he will be able to run around and binky to his hearts content still, it just might take a couple weeks to adjust

  18. Thank you. It's just so hard to take it in. He's my precious baby...

  19. I 1000000% understand, I would give my right arm to keep my babies safe. Sadly, life and illness just happens and it sounds like there was nothing you could have done to help. The good thing is that he has such a loving bun parent who will help him get better and love him unconditionally

  20. Yeah I took out the toys and only left food and water. Hadn’t considered taking out the litter box yet. I made it 4 panels smaller as two didn’t seem to stop her. At the bonding facility, they were in a pretty small pen and cage for the week and did nothing but snuggle. We got them home and they haven’t snuggled once. We still have his cage from when he was a baby. I asked the rescue volunteer for advice and he said if it continues maybe put them back in his small cage for another few days and take them out a little at a time to build the bond up more. I just would hate for this not to work :(

  21. This isn't really a bad sign, she's not ripping chunks out of him or even nipping, which is the only thing that would make me say not to bond them. Have either of these buns been in the area or have their smells on the stuff around them? If so I would wash all those things down and move them somewhere completely new. You got this!

  22. Bourbon (brown) has lived here since 8 weeks old. We bleach washed everything and got a new welping pad for the base. So if anything I thought he’d be the territorial one. We live in a two bedroom condo so this is really the only place to have them. I might just take the litter box out and make it even smaller again I keep seeing her chase him on the camera

  23. Could you put them in the bathroom possibly? I would also get a broom/oven mitt and break up the chasing. Pushing them next to one another and feeding/petting them is a recommendation from me! You can use a mitt to stop her from nipping if she tries, but usually if they are touching and being given positive encouragement it helps them chill

  24. I just want to pop in here to let you know that you 100% did the right thing when you took him to the vet. No one ever could have anticipated this happening, since it's super rare, and it could have happened even if you didn't get him neutered. Sadly medical procedures are dangerous and regardless of how low the risk is, it will always be there. I hope you are coping okay, even though it hurts

  25. They have an open litter box now, but that wasn't why they weren't using it. They just hated my room for some reason. :')

  26. I think you mean THEIR room, right? At least, I think it is now that they've so thoroughly marked it 😂

  27. My room, I took it back. They're much more willing to coexist with my sister. (Then again, she's easier to assert dominance over. I never learnt my place as their servant.)

  28. Oh? I see we are still fighting against the furry overlord's rule

  29. That's what they all think whenever they get groomed...OH YEAH I am top bun

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