Snake lady, me, ink/watercolor, 2021

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  1. House taxes after you’ve paid for the home / land. In Honduras you buy the land and that’s it. You own it - you don’t get taxed on it. I’ve never understood it so ELI5. Because if you don’t pay those taxes then people have the opportunity to buy the home even though you paid for it.

  2. Not so much a better or worse factor, but personal preference. Some people react to nicotine differently. Unless it’s Tangiers. Everyone has the infamous tang-poops when smoking it lol

  3. Commenting so I can see the update :) excited to see what you do!

  4. Unsettling in the best way possible. Can’t stop staring and admiring the details!!

  5. Lil just discovered I have cold urticaria and went into anaphylactic shock after swimming in a cold ass spring and almost died

  6. How they treat wait staff. If they’re rude / don’t tip / make the server or bartenders job more difficult.

  7. Tampons / toilet paper / gas can / snacks and water (change monthly)

  8. I feel like maybe that was something she didn’t experience before with her previous relationship. And was just trying to communicate it with you in a very awkward situation (like rlly? Mid make out lol ) If that’s not something you’re wanting to do / or it’s just not who you are to do those things, then inwould let her know. Now just because you may not do those things, doesn’t mean you don’t have your own ways of showing affection. Everyone’s love language is different:) if you feel uncomfortable with that then i would communicate that to her.

  9. I choose to interpret her timing as part of being “old-fashioned”. Perhaps she felt things moving rapidly toward the bedroom (being old-fashioned and all) and wanted to interject with her boundaries first.

  10. I feel like maybe after the make out sesh was done it would have been better timing but then again she could have been trying earlier but didn’t have the courage to at the time, the timing was just funny to me if I’m being honest lol

  11. Normally $10/Tab — on sale 3 for $25 Strip $80 (10ct) — on sale strip for $55 ($5.50ea)

  12. Very likely, either a complete catfish or using a very old deceptive picture. Don't meet in private, tell people where you are going and preferably have people around when you meet.

  13. When I used to meet people online i would always make sure I was on FaceTime. “Hey Jessica I’m here, this is my date Steve, I’ll let you know how it goes! Byeeee” This is where Jessica would mute her phone, and I would place the face down with microphone pointer toward date. This doesn’t look weird or odd since most people don’t want to look rude always looking at their phone. Once I see if I

  14. Umm (I could just be high BUT) what if he’s using someone’s old acct photos and pretending to be this guy? Unless he hasn’t updated since 2010 then I’d ask for his Snapchat or something to confirm what his face looks like NOW

  15. Also they can’t prove what’s in your vape? Block delete move on and I suggest smoking hookah at home if you actually enjoy it. Join some groups on FB, much better experience than any lounge and you’ll never really smoke alone either.

  16. I like the vibes. Scenery, music, lights. Makes the experience better. When I smoke at home it's very "meh"

  17. Gotcha! If dude tries any funny shit, let the manager know he’s being creepy. Or have a friend do it, or have a friend pretend to be your partner Legit anything to get dude off your trail and show him you’re uninterested and unavailable for his BS :)

  18. Thumb sucking in privateand either digging nails into skin or biting myself when in public. Depending on the mood if it’s more anger based then bite. If it’s more overwhelmed like I can’t control it, nail digging until I bleed because then I can excuse myself and tend to my wounds.

  19. Get a rechargeable disposable if you’re using D8/D10 products. Much stronger, and last longer than the pre rolls in my opinion. KIK bar / Happy Hippo / Lost Boys and Flying Monkeys are my usual go to. Oh and the OG Kings, Deltiva!

  20. Oh whoopsie — I didn’t realize this was the weed thread but for D9 products Stiiizy is good and Sauce bars are king!

  21. sees crush doing something “What’s that? “Blah blah blah” “I LIKE IT. Picasso!”

  22. watch the Midnight Gospel or Off the Air I usually like to paint or color OOOOO PLAY SOME MARIO CART! that’s always fun for me :)

  23. I would give him all of my snacks

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