1. Salaries will reflect the cost of living in the area. However, recent increases in cost of living during covid times are probably not reflected in salaries anywhere yet.

  2. This has not been my experience, big hospitals in Boston wayy underpay their RDs considering cost of living, well before inflation

  3. I started 1.5 yrs ago at a huge academic hospital in Boston making about $53k :/ I was shocked because that was the same salary range I was being offered in Michigan a few months before I moved, which has a MUCH lower cost of living. Our salaries have gone up a bit ($63k), but definitely are way below average for the area. I love the job itself but I'm always keeping an eye out for better opportunities and the turnover is high. Best of luck to you!

  4. Clinical Nutrition Specialist (Weight Center), $30/hr, MA. We know we are well underpaid unfortunately, the academy has a pay estimate tool that seems to exist only to taunt us...

  5. The oatmilk eggnog version is far superior in my opinion and still only 90 calories for 4oz. I warm and froth it for a special morning coffee this time of year.

  6. Thank you so much! I found you on both, I appreciate it!

  7. has ebooks with audio in Egyptian, Levantine and MSA. All these books can also be ordered on Amazon.

  8. I'm guessing French is their first language. Saying your age is French is essentially "I have XX years"

  9. We use epic/patient gateway, so it's a completely paperless system (besides those few technology resistant folks). I type everything directly into the EMR when I speak with clients. I send all handouts through the EMR messaging patient gateway, unless specifically asked otherwise which is rare!

  10. As a woman who has had a dysfunctional relationship in the past, you have to take some responsibility for allowing him to treat you this way and walk all over you. Stop allowing yourself to be a victim, find the strength to walk away and never look back. Nothing good can come from a toxic marriage like this. On a positive note it does get better after you work on yourself, practice setting boundaries and discover yourself worth. Inshallah Khair, good luck

  11. I get scared posting here now for that exact reason lol. You people must think I'm such a crybaby hahaha.

  12. I don't think you come across as a crybaby no, but more like someone choosing to be a martyr for illogical reasons, then complaining about it...spending years without living with a spouse is highly abnormal and most people would not tolerate that. You get none of the benefits of being married and none of your needs are being met. I sure as heck wouldn't do it, I would end it and move on to a more practical relationship. Good luck to you

  13. You did amazing!! Wishing you a quick recovery! How are things going so far? I was in the same boat - my insurance covered my surgery about a year ago, and although i don't look "hot", I'm so so so happy.

  14. Peeped ur post history and you are indeed very beautiful, and your happiness radiates ❤️

  15. Wow I love this, I wish other states would join in because it's a huge pain in the butt to go through the whole application process plus interviews and only find out what they intend to pay you once the job is offered. It ends up being a waste of everyone's time if it's too low!

  16. Then why are you asking? Just sit on your vote and waste your opportunity to shape our future. If voting didn't matter they wouldn't try so hard to place barriers and discourage us from doing it. The amount of "nobody" or "I don't vote" comments in this thread is disgraceful. The system definitely needs improvement and this is the only chance we have to make it happen.

  17. When 98% couldn't change the system through voting how is the 2% muslim population gonna change it? Stop watching too much mainstream news.

  18. What a sad, defeatist point of view. Elections in the country are often down to less than 1% , so us 2% can actually make a difference if we all vote

  19. Some of the best times I had as a kid was staying over at my friend’s houses. I get the urge to protect your kids but you’ll be robbing them of great memories

  20. As a woman I cannot tell you how many of my friends, classmates and acquaintances have endured sexual harassment, molestation or rape in situations like these. I wasn't allowed and I count myself lucky as an adult - my future kids can have fun in safe settings. The risk outweighs the benefit imo

  21. " 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime"

  22. This is not a lesson he's reading off of a cool t-shirt, just relax

  23. In Egypt they don't pronounce the "th", they say it the way he did!

  24. Yes, intuitive eating is the cornerstone of the healthy at all sizes (HAES) movement and the bane of my existence in healthcare. At best though it can be a denial driven stepping stone to mindful eating which allows many patients to realize they DO need to limit calories because they've started paying more attention for the first time

  25. Oh, hey! I was just at FNCE and one of the poster projects was about NICU RDN pay across the country. I snapped a photo of it and I’ll DM it to you if I can

  26. You'd have to upload it to imgur then post the link, I'd love to see too if you have time!

  27. wdym by this? because being palestinian =/= being antisemitic

  28. ok! my apologies then, i wasn’t trying to have a gotcha moment, i just haven’t met very many people on reddit with educated takes on the matter but clearly that isn’t the case here.

  29. I like your energy and I appreciate it tbh ❤️

  30. I love it! Andrea's Choice did a video on this and hers was a similar color:

  31. I’ve been an RD a little over a year and currently make around 93k a year. I work a lot of hours but I think it’s worth it.

  32. Can I ask what setting/general region? That's pretty great, congrats!

  33. He looks both dashing and yet completely done with today as well.

  34. Alas that is his resting expression, no matter the day 😂

  35. People don't eat oats and say they eat cereal. Also, they did say they eat cheerios. Cheerios are highly processed like all the others

  36. You made a dumb broad statement and I corrected you, before OP even specified what cereal. Simple as that. It's okay to be wrong buddy, you don't have to eat any cereals if you don't want to!

  37. If she's scared and worried and texting her sisters for what? It doesn't seem llike something to fight about. And yes pregnancy hormones require some delicacy. She was going through a lot, the burden was obviously more on her as the baby was growing in her. That being said, you need to sleep in order to provide for your family and they are wrong for expecting you to be up all night. Lack of sleep can unravel the body and mind, she can sleep during the day if she needs while you can only sleep at night, so it needs to be discussed more. I know it's not helpful at this point but I hope people reading this make sure that their spouses and them see eye to eye before having kids, that you feel heard and respected in your relationship, or work towards that early on before the stress of parenthood. I'm sorry for what you're going through brother!

  38. I did not fight. I was upset that as her husband and being concerned about the same, she would have a conversation with me; I am not even upset about the fact that she contacted them was texting them.

  39. Maybe the bigger issue is that neither of you seems to successfully turn to each other for support?

  40. Current job it’s a client every 30 min, old job was every 20 🥴

  41. Oh wow! Sorry if this is the ignorant question but is there charting involved?

  42. I work for one. Salaries from my experience range $62-68k, but probably varies based on experience. They tend to be fast paced and very corporate. Which had its perks and negatives. I’ve had anywhere from 15 min calls to 45 min calls depending on the company. For me it tends to be very generic information you’re allowed to provide, which again has its positives and negatives. Some are more of a health coach vibe, some are more prescriptive. Personally I enjoy it for the most part and wouldn’t ever go back to in person.

  43. What's a typical days case load look like?

  44. How can someone consume that much alcohol in a week? 10? 15? That's crazy

  45. Thought the same thing haha and that's considered "slightly excessive"

  46. Ramy shits on Arab women in a big way, just keep watching and you will see.

  47. I'm an RD working at a Weight Center so working towards getting my CSOWM, I'm interested if that's needed!

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