i love the sound of apex

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  1. Yes but those counties that have experienced poverty and are just starting to gain economic traction are going to be the ones impacted the most by the short term problems of the climate crisis. That’s one of my biggest concerns for developing 3rd world countries. Which is really sad because there have been some pretty incredible advancements in a lot of countries this past decade.

  2. Facts we just got hit by another category 5/super typhoon last week. Unfortunately the last one was last year and was the strongest one in 2020 which still scares me. It feels unfair because my country's poor and it gets lots of typhoons or sometimes earthquakes too (Philippines)

  3. Me washing dishes while my brother still eating be like

  4. Imagine smurfing on pred lobbies man, shameless. /s just in case

  5. I just want to say well played in another way

  6. Most of this sub is just noobs looking for tips and hating on higher skilled players BC anyone better than them must have "no life" lmao.

  7. I am in this text and am offended. But jokes on you i can just tell that im master rank solo q

  8. Show them the price-money b1t made this year and tell them that you are better. Also show them some sick shots - easy game

  9. I love how people got recently promoted πŸ‘

  10. That was Genburten who is a pro player, he has used that name as a joke for quite a while (screenshot from March:

  11. I though of it as a meme name, sorry if I am unoriginal because it was already taken by someone who is irrelevant and a plat player sir

  12. Jiggle mouse bug/exploit. Shaking your mouse faster than the fire rate and recoil is pretty much eliminated

  13. I legit don't know to do this, sad dumb noises. Imma just search on yt

  14. I see KR update I see content -some shady content creator

  15. same, ropz here and this global_elite1337 is nub

  16. Ah yes, the teammate asking to be revived in the middle of a fight lol

  17. My friend was saying to go help him because I was unaware of what was happening. (Sorry I am new-ish)

  18. no one cares but I left Valorant for Apex because there's a very low chance of encountering a toxic team mate in Asia server because most of them doesn't have mic. Also, the game does not make me tilted when I miss shots or lose important fights so I think maybe it is a wise decision to leave Valorant for Apex. Same with internet power outages lol I don't really get mad when they happen because it is either I do not mind really or I already died KEKW.

  19. That was a long story man, I started from zero now I got 3 viewers: My PC, phone and a friend!

  20. I am one of them but i dont have ttv in my name xD

  21. TDM because in that game mode I can actually kill with 200 ping

  22. something that I maybe will never experience, hype train. Nice emotes tho :v

  23. Do you mind if i ask which country you belong to? I play from India and its dead in Asia server, but europe server match making is instant buy the only problem is ping is too high and it never makes me win gun fights until and unless i flank or i take the shot way before he does.

  24. I'm from Philippines and yes the delay is annoying but I am currently improving my aim to make up the delay handicap xD btw can you see your ping in-game?

  25. Your last sentence is a decent and adult way to deal with problems. One that many RoCo hotheads should follow. Nice to have you on board! For me, the game keeps on giving and getting better. Most people I met so far are reasonable. Just do not give the pessimistic people attention. You can hate the game, but nobody forces you to play. If you want to criticise, no problem, but do it properly.

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