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  1. Gorilla nut? Really? We’re trying to legalize cannabis guys…..

  2. I know I’m a little late to the thread but I was hoping someone could help me understand something. I am fairly new to the medical card and recently was recommended problem child, I am trying to learn as much as I can about terps as I have horrible general anxiety and some strains can cause massive issues. So how can the terps from your bag vary SO Much from mine: Terpene (%) Myrcene 1.71% a-Pinene 0.70% B-Pinene 0.32% Caryophyllene 0.31% Limonene 0.22% I know they won’t be exactly The same but should they vary this much? If so how do I find high terp strains?

  3. I do know.. that the terps on the package are listed in mg. And yours are % maybe that's why they look so different. I am not entirely sure 🤷‍♂️. Sorry. Problem child is 🔥 though.

  4. This second breakfast is really fire fr I’m glad I didn’t pick up the cake crashers I’ve herd it’s not the best one their last run looks like it’s the same situation not saying the last run was bad or even this run just not touching some other galenas strains agree that blueberry cookies is great too

  5. Man... you ever have something you know you want and when you get to the dispensarie.. you forget and buy something 2ndbreakfast was my favorite last year.. haven't gotten it once since..keep say.. I have to just go back to that as my goto every day... yet I keep trying different new strains that leave me wanting something stronger EVERY TIME damn there !!! Lol

  6. I was in the same boat. Thought I had an average batch of second breakfast so stayed away from it for months. Man idk what I was thinking lol this strain is amazing for me

  7. Hell yeah bro.. same here.. amazing for me.. I remember last time I smoked it to... inwas already medicated from a dab.. and still felt the bowl of 2ndbreakfast... so I knew it was 🔥

  8. I really like the smell and taste of this one. I had a half of smalls and it smelled so strong upon opening. I can imagine how those bigger nugs stink!!! Probably a little stronger to. I'm pretty much done buying smalls though... I want larger more mature looking buds

  9. I have been smoking on this past few days. I like it.. actually hits me way harder than I thought it would. Its worth the price for sure. My top 3 sativa for sure.

  10. I got “matter” once…. Not knowing it was a cresco company. For some reason, it seems to be a big secret.

  11. I will say.. I have never bought Cresco flower. I did try some Mac 1 live budder from Cresco and it was straight 🔥

  12. Bro... !!!!! Is that price for an ounce ?? If so.. dayum.. that even looks 🔥 How are the effects ?

  13. I love this stuff this is my second time buying it, It's a heavy hitter. If everything I read correctly about this strain it's supposed to be a exotic strain. The first time I got it on sale I got 2.83g, so this time when I saw 14g for $90 which makes it like $7 a gram I couldn't pass it up. I really like Matter flower, It's fresh, It's moist, tastes good, good smell & the effects are amazing!! I also picked up Moonshine Breath again which has old school lineage from like the '90s and it's another phenomenal strain, It's a heavy hitter also and gets you going. Zero G is another phenomenal strain by them, they have a couple more I want to try but they're not on the inexpensive side.

  14. Oh wow.. nice to know . Man I've had my card 2 yrs and still haven't tried certain company's flower. Matter is one of them. Might have to try. Could be missing out on good medicine huh??

  15. Have you tried a lot of strains in our program? If so care to share any couch lock .. killer indica strains??! Would this be one of those..?..Thanks alot in advance

  16. Sure I have tried a lot over the last 3 years. That being said I have a higher tolerance and don't get too couch locked. I like the Klutch Indicas motorbreath, jealousy, I like all the Dosidoes my favorite Indica now is Problem Child by Farkas Farms. Supreme Diesel by them a great hybrid.

  17. Nice.. good selections. Problem child has actually been my favorite for a while now. Then its Josh d og and bighead from klutch.. and super glu from verano. I need to try this and dosidos

  18. Honestly I would just find a mini glass rig with a quartz banger at your local smoke shop. I find that smaller glass=more flavor and no electronic rig could ever hit as hard as a torch and banger.

  19. My daily is a MJ arsenal Infinity . I have a mini jig and a Titan that I don't use.

  20. I've had their Robots and Blueberry Cheesecake. Both were fire. I want to try their Banana Mac.

  21. Morning to ya bro. I haven't tried the blueberry yet... or robots. This true og is pretty good though. They really did an amazing job finishing this one. The buds are solid as hell..almost to the point that they might seem dry, but then as you break them apart.... Sticky icky good !!!

  22. Been wanting to try some of the Josh D, hasn't come my way yet.

  23. I pretty much agree. I don't really understand life either. What's the point.. I feel like I'm just waiting to die.

  24. Man I’m so high I could barely open the picture lmao. Looks gorgeous though man I’ll fuck with it soon hopefully

  25. Lava cake live budder lol. I also have some nice rosin but it’s on the shelf for emergencies bc it’s almost empty

  26. Join me! I'm old too! Lol. However, doesn't take the lungs long to readjust. ✌️💜🥰💨💨💨💨

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