1. Thinking of ordering one! Would you go with this or a Puffco peak pro??

  2. I've never used anything like the Puffco. I really like all my MJ arsenal pieces they. They all hit amazing. I feel like a rig will hit harder than a puffco and be cheaper. It's up to you though bro. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I think I'd be more helpful if I had used a Puffco and could give a real opinion. Stay Lifted

  3. So I’ve been receiving 1500 for retirement is the 415 what would be = to the 80%?

  4. That is crazy. I've never heard of that. I was getting 1800 when I was 70%. So will you get like 1915.00 a month now? I guess that's better than 1500 right.

  5. Grow Ohio SLH, Blackjack, and Layer Cake

  6. I emailed them. Typically when companies wont just state the situation we can assume for the worst,and usually not be wrong lol.

  7. Blues clues haah that made me laugh... as I take a toke off my fuckn love me airopods... taste like straight weed... they have their terps down.

  8. The Pineapple PZ is really special. Some of the best, most unique flavor I've gotten from an extract in our state, and it is one seriously heavy duty indica. Straight knock out juice for me.

  9. Hey buddy... What all did they do as far as testing etc for tinnitus. I operated heavy equipment in the Army. When I'm at home there is always some form of background noise; TV, Fans, etc. , or i always hear ringing

  10. I'm no expert but when I was tested for hearing/Tinnitus at my retirement exam and at my C&P exam they were able to test for Tinnutus by sending a sound in my ear and seeing the echo back or something like that. If certain frequencies dont echo then that is a definite sign of Tinnitus. I'm not sure of the details but it was a clear indication I had Tinnitus, I don't believe that shows you don't have it but it is a strong indication that you do. I received 10%. Good luck on getting all you deserve.

  11. I'd say this is one of the better tasting vapes I've had also. Really taste like I'm hitting a joint

  12. How are you liking it? I thought about picking this up too.

  13. Do it. It taste just like flower.. and I feel the effects pretty fast. I like these and the platinum glu

  14. Bro.. I'm reading all your replies, and I don't understand why you have so many downvotes. Lol.

  15. Happy cake day. Mine is Friday. Can't believe I'll be fuckn 40 in 2 Feels like just yesterday I was turning 18 in the middle of boot camp!!! Lol

  16. Man I absolutely love the airopods. Smooth and potent. Way nicer than luster pods in my opinion. These also lasted a lot longer than the luster lasted me. That Platinum Glu is 🔥

  17. How does the screen always move right when you snap the love the vids

  18. Just a video edit I add to hel make things feel a bit more personal hard to be creative with these but I also wanna givem some love so I do appreciate the feed back 🙏🙏

  19. Bro I only been smoking on grow ohio super🍋haze. IT'S usually $30 tenths. Always fresh and sticky.. but most of all always POTENT.

  20. See, I was literally just talking with someone who, like me, had bad luck with SLH recently. I was getting it regularly when it first came out, like for 2-3 months and it was room filling lemon, sticky, loaded with yellow trichomes but last month I got it and it was dry with barely any lemon scent. The Black Jack I got actually smelled more like lemons that time. Maybe them and myself got bad tins/batches but that never happened before with SLH so I'm timid to give them my money again.

  21. Oh wow. Yeah.. sorry. That's kind of weird. I actually have never gotten any that didn't smell super strong. It's always amazing

  22. Bro how do you handle that stale ass smoke.. I know when I kill a fat bowl like that.. I gotta hit that shit faster than usual cause if I take to long..... STALE AF . NICE rip though bro

  23. The only time I really notice it being stale is when or if I don't clear and I gotta go back to clear then it's 🤢

  24. 🦋 EFFECT GROW OHIO. My FAVORITE slh is AMAZING. It's my daily.. SUPER STRONG Sativa

  25. Bro y'all tripping astral destiny REALLY..I'll be honest anything from galenas is fucking BEAUTIFUL yet I got NOTHING not even a wake n bake..I've had the white also pure sugar but nothing..I'm telling u klutch is number one n then buckeye relief and they're amazing on prices right now112+tax is120or 144+tax is154..for a half..fuck the streets..

  26. Damn dude that was some serious stacking I usually rip beakers but that makes me wan hit an in-line

  27. Beautiful man! Clean bong and sexy milk. I wish i could hit one together with u!

  28. Thanks a lot man. my favorite by a LONG run... this bad boy rips so damn hard. It's a Kush scientific

  29. Is that a matrix percolator? And what type of glass is that borosilicate? How many mm thick?

  30. It's a type1 gridded puckline by kush scientific .. not sure how thick.. joint is 18mm. .. if i guessed I'd say this glass is close to 1/4 inch thick. Google it.

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