1. That my mental illness isn’t my fault but is my responsibility.

  2. Heard about it from here, listened to it, and am passing it along now… In the Dark, Season 2, hands down. It was incredible reporting that actually made a difference. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  3. Agree! Such great research and it was so cool to be following the supreme court case in real time.

  4. Cool, thank you! I’ve never seen this before and I’ve been hiking this trail for six years.

  5. I love making new discoveries! I had to side step a lot of poison oak to get a pic.

  6. I love Too Good To Go! There are definitely more options in other places but it's cool to see it catching on here and in San Jose.

  7. I love her videos where she follows another queens makeup tutorial. It is WILD.

  8. Slang? Nah, Philly doesn't have any of that jawn

  9. I love it! I'm obsessed with mushrooms, they're so dang cool.

  10. I'm wondering if it's the same one I have on right now- chick flick cherry by OPI

  11. Your shits are that solid after Taco Bell and binge drinking?

  12. It’s Hawaii after all. Although it was like 30 degrees up top so that wasn’t pleasant, but the view was worth it!

  13. We ended a December Maui camping trip on Haleakala after being down by the beach. The climate difference was wild. Super cold at night and then I got such bad sunburn during the day. Worth it though!

  14. I take it to be my wedded wife, to live together in marriage.  I promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as we both shall live.

  15. Maybe a tofu banh mi if he’s down for something a little different

  16. If I remember correctly, someone had posted a bunch of p*rn pictures of scat play under one of the twitter posts from WOW talking about The Real Friends.

  17. Yep, Trixie and Katya talked about it on the bald and the beautiful this week.

  18. “MY NAME IS JONAS!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!” That’ll keep ‘em up.

  19. One of my core childhood memories is listening on my walkman and falling asleep to the blue and green albums

  20. Pinkerton was and still is my favorite of all Weezer albums. It’s the red headed stepchild.

  21. I like Pinkerton too! It’s hard for me to choose a favorite.

  22. I was similarly parentified as a child and was a second caregiver to my sister with special needs who is only two years younger than me. I did some other caregiving for adults with developmental disabilities by my own choice in my 20’s. I love my sister and the people I worked with but I’m completely burnt out on caregiving and cannot imagine having children because I never got to be a child.

  23. Some people get constipated from eating too much cheese so you’re not wrong.

  24. Thank you, this GC brought to you by me taking a sick day from work.

  25. Precision. The perfect word to describe this delectable dairy and dough duet. Exact cutting and evenly timed toasting for an ideal thickness of the bread allows for optimal crisp and softness. The sheer edge of the sharp cheese striking at you, not once but twice with precise intent. Perfectly measured for a temptingly delicious cheese skirt. The technique of butter and oil for an evenly decadent bite inside and out is brilliant. This grilled cheese is on point. 10/10

  26. I would say it’s under the sauce but OP is right, this plate looks drier than the Sahara

  27. Gizmo is the name of a fictional character from the movie Gremlins. A little furry guy that multiples when you get ‘em wet and then they turn into gremlins if you feed them after midnight. Classic movie!

  28. Ahh, yes, never saw that one. I was wondering if the name was referencing What We Do in the Shadows.

  29. Thank you! Sadly, he rejects being carried :( and face squishes.

  30. Hey, I grew up there! It's not every day I see 610 area code on Reddit! Damn I miss Chester County.

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