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  1. I tried and it appears most require a fee, but maybe there’s a free secret source. I just sit around like the poor that I am and wait for people to post stuff.

  2. They might not just lost money, these bonds are most of the time used as collateral to get loan and re-invested, and those aren’t shit junk bond, it was bonds issued by one of the biggest bank in Europe. Everybody in Europe will get affected by this one way or another.

  3. Could this have anything to do with the sudden surge in BTC? Pumping up collateral values since their standard sources are getting lit TF up.

  4. Is this maybe why capital one CDS are spking?

  5. It's important to note that if a company delays filing its 10-K, it must provide a detailed explanation to the SEC and to investors about why the filing is delayed and when it expects to file the report.

  6. What constitutes a delay? Do they have up until March 31st before it’s considered delayed?

  7. Hol up…what’s this now? Is it officially delayed or just not showing up on the site?

  8. I have a feeling it’s a nothing burger but I’ll keep hope alive.

  9. Where’s the short thesis now? Fuck you, pay me 💵🖐️

  10. So wait, what is the source? It says OC but it is a screenshot? What account is getting spicy?

  11. Halfway through, I think the coverage of the Fed in previous pieces has been pretty good for “MSM” (I know it’s PBS).

  12. Yes! I probably go to FT every week or two just to stock up on what’ve r produce sale they have going on (but I rarely buy anything else there because it’s so pricey). But like $2 raspberries? I’M THERE!

  13. Definitely this. If you stray from the sale prices they’re not that much better than Whole Foods. Also their FT cage free eggs are the best you can buy at $3.99/dozen, imo.

  14. Yeah, that was a surprise when I read about it. I bought a lot of gear from them over the years. Do you know the main cause for their closure?

  15. Anyone who hasn’t, needs to watch Inside Job. Then watch what’s happening now. You’ll be pissed and you’ll hold for way more than a few bucks. I’m not sure a cell is enough for some of these parasites.

  16. Inside Job, the Netflix animation by gravity falls creator?

  17. Yeah what the fuck a loan for one year to banks??? From what money where is it coming from??

  18. Don’t worry, they said it won’t be borne by taxpayers…so it’s all good. /s

  19. They were audited and found to have less than %30 of the liquidity.

  20. To add to this I thought there was speculation that some of the backing was in Chinese property bonds rather than US treasuries as they originally were meant to use.

  21. No. but curious if it would match the really strange volume patterns from this past Wednesday.

  22. I think this tweet was referring to the Wednesday trading volume, but I could be wrong.

  23. I did not, just enabled it and now I'm good to go! didn't realize that it had reached penny stock status. Thank you kind internet stranger!

  24. I didn't want to make a new post to ask this so I'll ask here. The ticker has been getting halted like crazy but at least on WB the price is listed at $106.04 (halted) but the chart is saying $39. Am I super smooth or is there something I'm missing?

  25. Some have speculated that SIVB is tied into a similar situation as SI (Silvergate) with regard to CreditSuisse. This comment was left when I asked what SI had to do with CS.

  26. Have you seen banking stocks? Yama-hama!!! SIVB down 60%. Overall sector down 3.3%…for the DAY!

  27. Silvergate was only involved as a bank. When its depositors withdrew their funds (caused by FTX crash) they had to liquidate bonds that they held to cover, and are now insolvent.

  28. Go over to Jimmy sub. There’s a post about 3 algos controlling the basket stocks. If they repeat as they have over 2 years the next run up is coming soon. Also bobby is about 14 days ahead of Jimmy (or so the OP states). But as always, tomorrow.

  29. this sounds like a children''s book hahah

  30. No shit, if you didn’t see it for yourself over 2 years you’d think someone was smoking some silly stuff.

  31. Icahn’t tell what the source is. Anyone have the source? Ibkr, ortex?

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