1. Oh no... DWC is such a nice double edged sword too.. I can fix issues quickly but I can also kill things quickly. I missed a water change by 2 days and nuked half my plant.

  2. For real, DWC gives and it takes. Can definitely be VERY unforgiving but also very rewarding if you just stay on game you know.

  3. yup i'm not much for a sterile tank either. If everything is in balance only the good shit grows feel me no need to kill everything.

  4. Funny thing about the "hybrid cooling fan motor service": in six and a half year of running Toyota hybrid company cars I've never had the dealership trying to "upsell" me this service. I first learned it's a thing on this sub so I asked them and they told me the diagnostic system will tell them if the fan needs cleaning and it's not a regular maintenance item. It's a "service if and when needed" item so $289 every 20000 miles sounds like a classic needless upsell.

  5. Thank you, there’s a lot of great info in your post. I appreciate you letting me know.

  6. What's the light cycle and how much veg time? Pretty stout little thing, but looks to want to flower way small.

  7. 18/6 she isn’t trying to flower but it does look that way I agree maybe bc she is a clone from a plant that had vegged for three months and was ready to flower when I took the cutting

  8. I'd veg her a bit more but sounds like you knoow what's up. Happy grow!

  9. for sure, I’m going to veg her for a long time to grow a monster plant. She’s coming along pretty good…

  10. Critical sensi star, easy to grow in vegging the only thing she was particular about was she liked really low ppm’s.

  11. I definitely would like to see the difference in outcomes

  12. Gonna be a hot minute but I’ll post comparison pictures when I have them. I’ll do same strain same size to try and keep it similar.

  13. Looks good. Plant may be slightly stressed but should be no problem in 12-36 hours.

  14. Thank you, seems like pretty good advice I’ll definitely look to cleaning it up in about ten days

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