1. I created this subclass for a friend of mine, based on his idea of a Wizard spirit inhabiting what would otherwise be a rather ordinary rogue, giving him the ability to use magic. He wasn't satisfied with the Arcane Trickster, so I created something custom for him while still taking some inspiration for the official subclass. The part about not having spells available at any moment is what pushed me to make it stronger than the Arcane Trickster while using the signature feature, Channeling. I imagined the magic still manifesting through the rogue's mind, so the spells available are mostly roguish spells. The spell list was discussed with my friend, and it's something I prefer to the ability to choose any spell he wants.

  2. I am not a fan of the channeling things, but seeing the concept I need to ask: why don't you try to start from the "phantom" archetype? And instead to make another wizard-ish rogue, why not making him more like a warlock (like the spell slot sistem and can use int or cha), since he is literally taking the magic from another being? (I think would be more cooler)

  3. As long as your reaction isn't used, yes, you can. And somebody else can counterspell your counterspell of B's counterspell.

  4. In theory you shouldn't be able to cast 2 leveled spell in the same turn. So this case of fireball shouldn't be allowed. If instead of fireball you use a cantrip then it's ok. Or I misread the rule?

  5. That rule only applies to bonus action spells, of which most counterspellers don't have many.

  6. Ok then raw it's possible. I personally would rule as "no 2 leveled spell" just because is more fun, as I rule that when a player cast a subtle spell, the GM (or me in this case) should decide to use counterspell/ legendary resistance before the player reveal the spell. I think is more fun (and balanced)

  7. The previous bbeg was in an ongoing conflict with Cthulhu, preventing him from fully rising. Now that the old BBEG is dead, Cthulhu is making a power grab and trying to take over the world. The party, now well known saviors and devil-slayers are tasked with stopping cthulhu. An idea is that cthulhus children are the starting conflicts? They have been mentioned in lore of items. Edit: you dont like my plot? :(

  8. Now I don't know the plot with the old bbeg, but you could make him like he wasn't the actual bad guy, just someone cynical enough to make some "necessary evil" just to prevent cthulhu. And the various minor avatar of the Eldritch God were the people who helped the heroes and now are trying to awoke their creator while they remain in the shadows. If you want more help or ideas you could send me a pm and explain the lore in possession of the players. And for everybody that is saying "I want something without it's cliché" I reply "I want to play a roleplay game but don't like creative thinking"

  9. So many decks and league rules. No card is in every deck for me. Arch and Door are in many. Heimdall too.

  10. Also art deco, ghost (ghost in low energy is a must practically), Hell and, before rework, Agamemnon (well not in a Greek myth deck )

  11. I’d argue that nuclear power is still useable because of its synergy with uranium

  12. Well yes but it's easily surpassed by every other perma-energy card. Expecially thunderstorms. It has even more synergy

  13. Honestly probably none, ignoring the stats it's literally the lowest rarity in the game so it's not hard to roll in packs. But who knows you could find someone who really wants it.

  14. Wtf are you saying? It's the MOST valuable card in the game. The fact that is a base basic is only a placeholder for when cue will add the rarity limited mythic, so hoard them till you can.

  15. That's what I feel like too. That's why I can't gauge if what I'm asking is too much or not...

  16. I would say you are asking for too low. Loki is a great "stop this turn" card during low energy, the space offers a minimal bonus only during certain conditions (so you would use that 2 times only (3 if lucky) and praying mantis apply a debuff only if you lose (and it's risky on the first rotation). While the Babylonian apply a strong permanent buff and with overlocking you can play it straight away

  17. Why not? Seems pretty fair to me, but I am not found in chupa so maybe I am missing something. Maybe that fusion can be changed, but it's at least an interesting one

  18. I would leave the sue in black cards, since they work well when you use all of them. I would point at thunderstorms for energy instead of nuclear since has a little more power for the same cost/effect. Also the sun and fusion. (Both are fusion and high energy, but for me are fun to play)

  19. I don't have thunderstorms or the sun yet, but I will be working on this deck! I do like ramp decks for casual

  20. Thunderstorms is a basic, so you should be able to trade it without bleeding to death

  21. Nice start you're so lucky to have planet x hold onto it! I think a boost card like Martin luther King is really good for newer players I'm still fairly new myself and that card has saved me so many times. Thunderstorms is better then power station if you can get that aswell - i would advise try to use as many ability cards as you can unless you have another card boosting your none ability cards :)

  22. Totally agree with you on thunderstorms, that also has more card that boost it, and the fact he should get rid of the card without effect like neoconfu and Buddhism. Also I would suggest a "0 power" trump card for combo with snowflakes, the best choice would be one like antimatter, but should work fine with low power too, like king cobra (that is a huge pain in mid-low energy week)

  23. would you use it if it was 3/0 and hit the opponent with -150? That would be the same card (with some minor differences about what it would get buffed by). Avid tries to make the abilities relevant to the subject. Antimatter and matter obliterate each other

  24. Also since it drop himself to 0 is a great counter for cards like chrono gun, shinigami or even pika, and could tank a burning too

  25. I wouldn't take it. Testudo is a great flexible card, expecially during high energy week and has a great request. You would not get it back without paying a great price, even if is a lim epic

  26. Okay. I get where this whole tier lists aren’t allowed businesses comes from. But there are obviously tiers. I mean you even refer to cards as “mid+ mythics” yourself. You could.. you know. Just tell me the mythics that you consider mid. And then tell me the mythics you consider higher than mid. And then tell me the mythics you consider lower than mid.

  27. Just consider the effect, restriction and how much it last. For example, planet X has a cap on space card, but it's effect is permanent, so is pretty valuable. But if you want a list that describes each mith how much is useful the discord channel may be the best place to obtain it

  28. I believe that's the crafting generators

  29. Yes they are. More specifically, from left to right, are the number of insta gen (red), fastest gen (green, speed x4), fast gen (purple, speed x2), and normal gen (blue, normal speed). Useful for getting rid of some non-fusion ingredients basic cards. Or completing the objective "craft 3 card for 25 gems". Best objective of the game 🤣

  30. I know it’s an awful mythic but I’d still keep the gryph

  31. Word turtle may be more useful and versatile of gryf, but neither I won't give away for two turtle. I suggest try to counter for another limleg (or two). If he want gryf I suppose is for completion, so should have other dupe.

  32. That’s essentially what I said lol. Gryph may have a place in a future meta or get indirect buffs and it’s easier to get a turtle than a mythic

  33. Yeah I know. I just wanted to group our comment together 😅. Just organisation issue of mine

  34. I love templar, and I play it a lot so I probably wouldn't, but I reckon Hel being the most valuable limleg so if you want it that's your chance.

  35. Well Templar is good, and that black Knight too. Hel is extremely useful, but maybe not worth both card? I mean he is giving 2 very powerful and versatile card for hel (extremely good and versatile) and Hera (that is locked on a Greek myth deck) Unless he use Indeed a Greek mythology deck, i would substitute Hera with something more practical.

  36. They want you to have better chances to win in the beginning - that's atleast how it felt to me. *lol*

  37. I think is more hard to find another beginner at your level and with your "same luck" at first, so bots are more common to find. Later on is the opposite: bits with particularly good rotation on first round and a meta deck...

  38. A good gistory mythic, well annoying one at least, is the grim reaper

  39. I hate that card with nopperabo, eye of Providence, shinigami and mitsuide.... It gets really annoying when your 500+ combo become a ~100 on second round...

  40. Ikr, si annoying, my friend had that card and does similar debuff strat. Turning my super powered combo into nothing

  41. Tell your friend that there is a place in hell reserved for people like him 🤣🤣

  42. Well Nostradamus is a huge weight since there isn't a overlock mechanic, hel is useful only after half the game if your opponents beats you, theory is mhe myth and the guy.... I cannot think nothing for him you should accept, it's clearly a fair offer....

  43. South telescope is a good boost for your big bang. Also Dyson sphere is a good energy supplier

  44. Yep I would give area 51 a bit more ... Flavour. It's a redacted card? Make its effect random. It give a "big" (like +30) bonus to a random album until played. So it fits in a Eros deck but it's limited in is power. Or you could gamble on lesser album risking huge power for turn lost. I know would be hard to balance, but could be a meta alternative to the same deck and bring a little spice in the game.

  45. That's actually a dope, well-balanced card

  46. I would test it before saying it's balanced, the players always find way of breaking even the silly mechanic if they want. That is what every RPG tabletop has teached us. But thanks 😍

  47. Highest in all cue history I don't know, but 3 days ago ImSirZero posted here a screen of a little combo of them. 1298 power in one turn. This is the link for the post to be amazed.

  48. I have eggs benedict, egg nog, hamburger and Augustus Leopold egg. It varies by league rules tho.

  49. Hamburger is missing 😭. I was using Benedict to give a extra boost to century eggs but for league, Renaissance and door to hell I changed it with deviled eggs (limits the lost of burning). Augustus is, well, not too much in sync with the other. Egg Nog give a +20, but I don't know whose substitute should be.

  50. It's just good power for its cost and the effect doesn't hurt me while still being space card that's why it's in there

  51. Well yes, but I think Dyson sphere would be better Give you permanent energy/turn of played with 2 space card

  52. You had posted the times to craft a rare card. Just to be clear, if you craft an epic or legendary card, the time increase respectively X2 and X3.

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