1. most of these positives apply significantly less if you arent white, and that fact entirely nullifies them as "positives" in the first place.

  2. I was disagreeing with the notion that it should be considered “actively insulting” or should be deemed in any way offensive to have an perspective on the past which differs, not the subject matter. I accept that the treatment of minorities was immoral, which is why I politely said that I respected this lady’s opinion.

  3. Twitter made a profit in 2018 and 2019. It could do so again. Obviously not by doing anything Musk thinks of...

  4. Maybe, but probably not without Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he was an important reason why many people visited and joined Twitter.

  5. A revenue source and less employee burden for the verification process.

  6. So it was nothing to do with user experience or some other legitimate reason? Surely he must realise this will virtually kill Twitter anyway, as it will undermine trust in the platform.

  7. Some people don't use the handbrake on flat parking lots, apparently. I always do, though, it's part of the routine for getting out of the car. Stop, park, handbrake, belt, keys, door. "Bong Bong Bong". Oh, lights, too.

  8. In a car as modern as this with an automatic transmission, it should have an electronic parking brake which automatically operates when the engine is stopped. The wheels were not locked up when it was dragged away, and the alarm also did not sound.

  9. What asset has been rising over the past year?! Stock market down, house prices falling, Gilts through the floor thanks to Liz Truss and pension funds nearly imploding.

  10. Guinevere, Penelope, Verity, Tarquin, Cuthbert, Janté, Alabaster, Beatrice.

  11. Set the brightness of the instrument cluster… on another note, those pedals look worn down. Be careful on wet days 😳

  12. I see. Why do you say this? (Genuinely curious as I don’t know what manic bipolar looks like)

  13. It's kinda sad that Kanye is CLEARLY not mentally sound, but because of his money and influence he can't really be helped, he calls the shots and doesn't want to be helped.

  14. He’s nuts. Completely bonkers. However, you can’t help someone who doesn’t help themselves.

  15. BoE predicting 2 year recession - the longest since records began. And UK to underperform USA & Eurozone - Brexit Britain woohoo!!

  16. Yes but it’s important to point out (so that people don’t get worried) that they also said the 2023 recession would be (whilst longer) shallower than 2008, and that unemployment would not exceed 7%. For perspective, that’s roughly where it was in 2015.

  17. I think this will be an atypical recession. Unemployment won’t be the biggest issue, paying bills, heating, eating and homelessness will be the challenges.

  18. True. And complete destruction of disposable income and therefore consumer spending

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