1. The look on his face and the slowly backing up is gild, he knew he fucked up and said the quiet part loud.

  2. I’m gonna take a guess and hope he meant his family was too poor to own a slave because they were too expensive

  3. That's an AI generated image

  4. Background definitely makes it look like it

  5. Yeah I was going to say this. I think he is wearing that shirt on purpose to look smaller, you can tell from his bicep that he's pretty ripped. This is probably setup and he's really good at arm wrestling.

  6. This guy destroys a shit ton of people in arm wrestling. I’ve watched a lot of his YouTube videos pretty impressive honestly

  7. I would improve by spending more time working on singles and doubles, and less time working on lat drops.

  8. I agree lat drops and hip throws are always super risky unless done extremely hard and extremely fast

  9. Man when I was kid wrestling a hip toss was my favorite takedown. Trips and throws I was always much better at, I was really tall for my weight class so singles and doubles were a lot harder on the short little tanks.

  10. I was one of those short tanks lmao. I was also extremely good at working my way behind people.. then slamming them. To me there was no better way than getting someone off the ground

  11. When I wrestled back in high school I would have to watch my weight super bad to keep around 20 pounds off of me so I’d eat these with water… not too bad

  12. Its not always morons. The religious guy at work and I would argue evolution. One of his points was "it is a theory" I had to explain that a scientific theory is different from what a Columbo theory was. Fortunately someone in the room was more educated than I was and also explained it better.

  13. scientific theory is a higher order of knowledge than a Columbo theory. scientific theory's "ie the theory of evolution" are supported by mountains of evidence "the fossil record" laws and facts. people that say "its a theory" don't really fundamentally understand the amount of information that stands behind the major scientific theory. layman's creationists that use "its a theory" really are thinking of a hypothesis and not understanding the difference. its just lacking slightly more advanced education. my education is some college and then years of watching documentaries back when the discovery channel did not suck. im still a layman

  14. Thanks for the time to explain it to me. That’s a very interesting thing to know! I figured the the theory of evolution has a lot more evidence behind it than what I know. That’s why I can’t understand why it’s hard for people to see it. I need to look more into the ways we’ve been able to figure these things out because people’s intelligence never ceased to amaze me! On the other side though… the extreme amount of stupidity doesn‘t lack in the world!!

  15. As an explosion expert I can confirm that this explosion was not in a good way.

  16. Are you sure sir??? We can’t afford to lie again…

  17. she had a choice to make, wash hands or miss jeff. choice is obvious to me

  18. This guy needs to get a clue..Stop harassing women, it's that simple..I can't stand men that get mad because you want a lil privacy..nothing shows the immaturity more then when they get mad about being turned down..There's a time and a place for this business, and the bus is not it..

  19. Wish there was more people in this world that had the balls to tell that prick to shut his twat, have some respect for the lady, and just sit the fuck down!

  20. If another man interjected then guaranteed this fragile guy would get physically aggressive

  21. Let him! People like this need the shit kicked out of them

  22. What's this person going to do next? Free a bunch of bed bugs and feed them?

  23. Bed bugs are useless and have absolutely no use for our environment:)

  24. Ain’t no denying that! They definitely know they’re not like normal bees and die after they sting so they just go trigger happy. I’ve always had an extreme passion for wildlife including insects but hornets I have to try my best not to overly kill them cause I know they’re good pollinators and scavengers so they do their part so I leave ‘em be most of the time lmao

  25. Well, the person screaming in his face is white. Imagine any different color and its guns drawn while screaming "get down on the ground"

  26. Yeah I definitely don’t see that coming out of this guy. He definitely has his shit together and has respect, unlike dude yelling straight in his face.

  27. This is the level after the nextlevel lmao

  28. I just can’t get over how smart animals are and they’ve been viewed as stupid for so many years until pretty recently! Makes ya wonder who the real stupid ones are lmao

  29. Sick of people being protected by their “rights” and being able to be a fucking cunt and dick to everybody. If someone is even just talking shit and trying to make your life miserably hard it should be justification enough to slap the shit out of them or punch their jaw into oblivion… but once they’re on the ground call it quits. If you can’t tell I’ve had a day lmao

  30. I’m just gonna say this real quick I would never ever hit a women or body slam her like this piece of shit did but a little open hand would be nice sometimes

  31. Bro seals are just water dogs it’s insane how similar they are lol

  32. Not sure if lost, posts like "eccentric rich pays for the healthcare of someone who couldn't access it otherwise" and "Child sells Pokémon cards to afford this months insulin " definitely belong in that sub.

  33. Wait.. my apologies I get your point now it’s like why should this even be a thing why doesn’t he government fund the fixing of these peoples debilitations instead of the government lining their own pockets? The REAL problem here is the government

  34. I’m confused why y’all are so mad that he gives away so much of his earnings at least he does that. What do you expect him to do give it all away? Would you??? You probably wouldn’t even do a quarter of what he does for other people, you’re just jealous you don’t have his fortune. There are lots of billionaires that don’t do shit for people

  35. That’s not what happened you can see him behind dude taking the picture rushing over to her because he can see something is wrong

  36. Dude! That fact that you can take a mistake and turn it into a full on laugh is so impressive, well done.

  37. Even worse like don’t they see the wall of fakin trucks comin after em????

  38. They see them and they don't care. I visited jordan once. They literally just drive on any side of the motorway. You'll be overtaking two lorries by driving on the wrong side of the road and further ahead you'll see three lorries using all lanes inlcuding your correct side of the road coming towards you and then it's a game of who overtakes first and pulls in, who is chicken or who will decide to go offroad around the on coming traffic in the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road. It's just insane. You literally just pray to allah as really there is no other option other than taking a camel the long way round.

  39. I’m taking a camel if I ever decide to visit there… thanks bud.

  40. Like feeding a tic tac to a whale

  41. I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the abdomen.

  42. The book is the truth because the parts the preacher/priest read to me I believe [fixed it!]. Very few of these people have read the whole Bible. I used to be a Christian, once I finished reading the entire Bible, I could no longer believe in it. That book is crazy!

  43. I agree homie I used to be a Christian too and there’s just too many things about the religion I have a hard time believing and there’s a lot of fucked up shit in it. I feel like evolution is a lot more logical than an orb that created EVERYTHING as we know it lmao

  44. This sent me lmao I can’t stand this idiot

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