1. I'd get a black Wilson combat grip. Looks slick with that.

  2. I'm just debating on getting the OWB version.. id like to use my pistol with my range belt but my custom safariland holster is about 12+ weeks out.

  3. It's got holes on both sides, you could probably run it OWB with some additional hardware.

  4. I thought about that. Not sure if it should fit on a safariland qls system.

  5. Doing the same thing right now. Just tell the fiancé that I’ve had that gun for yeeeeears. Though now with everything going on in her home country, and the left constantly saying they’re going to ban guns, she’s starting to be ok with my small but practical collection. Not much longer and hopefully I’ll be able to get her into shooting sports.

  6. My girlfriend isn't against guns..she just doesn't have an interest. She doesn't understand why I carry every day if it's just a drip to the store. Or why I have multiple guns. And doesn't get why on earth I'd want her to know how to use them and would one day love for her to carry.

  7. Almost every girl I've ever dated felt this way and I told em... " You will understand one day when some mad man comes in to wherever you are and starts shooting people and your left with nothing to defend yourself. And the likely hood of this scenario happening in today's world is higher than it's ever been and before you say it won't happen to you, just know every person faced with this situation said the exact same thing. " Most ignore me but a couple have asked me to teach them and it makes me happy. Nothing sexier than a woman wanting to shoot guns with you. Haha

  8. Yep, I get a lot of people not understanding that it could happen to you... you don't get to choose that someone doesn't come in and start shooting, or rob you, or anything esle.

  9. Heeey nice! Welcome to the 2A community!

  10. Np! Training and ammo beat mods, but also be sure you get to know local and state laws well. What might be seen absolutely justified self defence could lad you in prison.

  11. But isn't the burning your pockets just from the light hitting the darker fabric and heating it up? I doubt the head gets high enough to burn anything

  12. That depends on the light. If you search "burn" in the flashlight reddit group you'll see several photos of people who had holes burned through pockets and noticed it from the smell or the well burn on the leg. Some on bigger lights melted through the holster they had the light in.

  13. All of those are because of the light hitting a surface and that surface absorbing the light and heating up. The metal doesn't get 100s of degrees hot, that would kill any LED

  14. Well yes, that's what I'm meaning. Explained poorly. They do get hot to the touch as well tho bur as you said not THAT hot.

  15. Agree 100%. I ended up finding this website that I may end up picking a grip up from. But I've been tempted to get a m17 for HD/Range Toy, so the m18 can have a friend.

  16. Gooood lord $80 to make it a 2 tone haha.

  17. When i selected the 2 tone on the grip it showed it was $190 when without it its $110.

  18. Personly I like the WC. My full length is coming in today for my carry with that comp. Looks nice all flush fit

  19. I carried a CZ 75 SP01 with a TLR-1 HL for over a year working at a winery where in climbing hills all day bending over and climbing on wine tanks.

  20. My frame arrives tomorrow. I got an m18 (changed like everything) and now have a compact slide and a herrington arms compensator that makes it full length.

  21. Just take it slow and you’ll do just fine. Do little by little with lots of fit checks in between. That’s the best advice I can give you. It’s really not hard at all.

  22. Ahhh okay, guess you need an Aug then.

  23. And thats why when people ask what Turkish cheap shotgun they should get everyone says maverick 88.

  24. I saw a gun guy on youtube trying to torture test a black aces shotgun. His plan was to put 500 shells of different types. I think it lasted to 100 or 150 before a bolt came loose on it. Some magnum shells really set that shotgun off. So after that, yeah be wary of Turkish shotguns.

  25. Some defiantly can be made super well and be quality...but what I see is "I want all these aftermarket parts" and they just arnt avaliable like the parts for a maverick 88 are. Or "how do I get something fixed if I can't sent it in" and all that.

  26. Why do you say he would have to move his upper components into the new slide? Do you not realize that not all slides you can buy come “stripped” and require an upper parts kit? Like any sig slide for example..

  27. Do they make them for that hllosun? I couldn't find at the time any slides cut for a holosun by sig what were complet slides.

  28. Oh are the pro cut able to take a holosun? Good to know if I do another build.

  29. I'm pretty sure it would fit just fine as long as the grip mods don't have anything extra that stick out like built in gas pedals or anything like that.

  30. That's what looking at it seems to show I was just curious if anyone had any personal experience. Thanks man!

  31. Are you running a light? I know holsters with lights tend to format more to the light over the gun itself and locks onto it.

  32. My p320 legion shoots steel, my m18 does not. I dont know why, but my m18 is finnicky with some ammo

  33. Which is odd, my m18 eats steel but my Cz 75 SP01 doesn't.

  34. You got a dud then 😮 my CZ 75 SP01 eats anything and loves abuse more than a dirty whore

  35. Eats everything eale I throw no issue but doesn't like that cheap steel

  36. Its skunks for us out here in the sticks. We got at least 15 in this last year and our neighbors got 12.

  37. I trap in eastern oregon and thw number one call a guy gets asking for help is beavers followed by foxes followed by raccoons and coyotes

  38. Western Idaho here, coyotes are definitely getting bad in our area. Had a few in our yard a week or so back.

  39. You think it would hold a cz 75 sp01 phantom with tlr1 and rmr cut? Having a hard time finding a holster

  40. Holds my sp01 (regularly) with a tlr1 no issue but I don't have a red dot. My full size p320 does and works fine

  41. Y’all laugh but these are the exact lights we have at work lol. Power outage hit and everyone grabbed the exact lights you guys are describing lol. Got a phone call 20 minutes later from my boss asking if I wouldn’t mind coming in with some proper lights. Was a proud day haha

  42. Oh I know it.. parents are on a 5 acer farm in the countryside in Idaho and my mom uses a flashlight in the morning to feed and change water and all that.

  43. I wouldn't call myself a flashlight enthusiast at all. But boy this bugs me when the only light people have is some dim yellow light powered by 8 D batteries

  44. Something that will be concealed and OWB or something like a duty holster such as safariland?

  45. The only real way to tell is to get both, sorry bud

  46. If you dont care about the fact they are made in China then I personally looove holosun. It's the only option for my bad astigmatisms with the green option. I can hardly see the red dots but green are easy to see. But if you dont wanna support China throw out that cellphone that's most likely made in china...and most stuff we see in stores.. I 100% agree with supporting American made stuff, but made in China doesn't always mean the stuff is cheap shit. Comes down to who you want your money going to.

  47. I have it without the saftey. I personly liked it but it did feel like it sat rather low on my belt and I had a bit of a hard time getting my big hands around the grip to draw.

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