1. Yah, it’s not a swelling first of all. You don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. I totally agree this is outrageous to stream on TikTok as an income generator but please refrain from any medical talk if you clearly have zero clue what you’re talking about.

  2. It’s swelling, due to fluid build up. This person is correct, a shunt will help, the baby needs constant doctor check ups for the rest of his or her life. Not to mention the cleft lip/palate they have, which also doesn’t help for feeding and could cause the baby to not gain the proper weight, and get fluid in its lungs. This baby could have had this all prevented/fixed had the parents actually fucking care for this poor child. The baby probably has horrid migraines daily and is in constant pain.

  3. Fortnite is actually a fun game at times. You can’t change my mind. I hate it and love it. I’ve played since season 2 so..

  4. it’s fun af to play casually with friends in a squad

  5. I love playing with my husband, but he always gets mad when I ‘take’ his kills, so I always just let him kill everyone lol 😂

  6. Remember when Roblox wasn’t even made yet :7503::7503::7503::7503::7503::7503: Good times

  7. Pedro pascal. And the guy who plays homelander in The Boys. ALSO , Steve Buscemi- but his younger self lmao.

  8. Fuzzy pants or is that a pillow?

  9. Tell her she only lays down like that around ugly people, and that maybe she should leave.

  10. Don’t steal my memes I am super original 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. First time seeing Dee’s mothers death photos. She deserved it though, vile woman. So many people out there harming their children for attention, it’s pathetic.

  12. Punisher , he’s a hurt man inside just like Kratos right after. Soldier Boy thinks everyone is beneath him so I doubt he’d cry in front of anyone 🤓

  13. “Soldier boy” is more like “ptsd man” (which is basically how they wrote him)

  14. I didn’t actually spend much time analyzing the character, Soldier Boy. I really enjoyed Butch and Homelanders scenes mostly, but I feel like I could spend some time rewatching the show. I watched the last season and a half in like, a day and a half lol.

  15. No he doesn't.... I bet he didn't broke speer record

  16. Yeah just polar bears & the ice King

  17. Ice king is annoying though- always trying to steal us beautiful princesses away for himself.

  18. It’s done so well, if I weren’t a broke ass bitch, I may try buy it. But I hope it sells!

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