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  1. Sony will 100% stop doing timed exclusives for COD, because Microsoft now owns COD

  2. Actually the current deal per Microsoft's words (saying they would honour the existing deal) would give Sony Marketing and Earlier DLC til the 2024 COD.

  3. Well if you wanna be really technical about it, biological sex is defined by chromosomes, and there’s actually 6 possible combinations of chromosomes. The two that we think of the most are XX and XY, the female and male chromosomes respectively. But then we have just an X, XXY, XYY, and XXXY.

  4. That's a strictly chromosomal understanding of intersex, there are of course hormone/endocrine definitions too.

  5. Here in Australia I'm quite partial to the Indomie instant ramen, bit more flavour.

  6. OP I think you need to clarify what Country this is for, majority of replies seem to assume America where of course it's on AMC.

  7. It ain’t bad really, sometimes I would eat some peel for the fiber and nutrients but only home grown fruit, store bought has pesticides and whatever

  8. Essentially that's what the ultra popular Earl Grey is, Black Tea with Citrus oils from the Peel.

  9. I mean you try shooting the leader of any society and see how welcoming they are to you.

  10. I get kicked out even if i choose the pacifist path , whats the point then

  11. The fighter jets in FO3/FONV look exactly like sub sonic jets. We don't know if the sound barrier has been broken in Fallout. It's possible that governments didn't see the potential in the air force. They could've been distracted by the extreme advancements in infantry.

  12. It's possible Rivet city's aircraft carrier wasn't in service at time of the war, rather it's a "floating museum" much like the USS intrepid. So those may be historical planes, rather than cutting edge tech.

  13. If you looked up from the sewage pipes, you’ll also find an old dude who starts pointing in some direction, who also sticks around behind the shield in the aftermath. -edit- That’s the dood. Just now realized. 🙃Random fact to throw in, some enclave officers/power armorers are voiced by Stephen Russel, who’s also Codsworth

  14. I'm just waiting for Starfeild, so yeah we've time to kill

  15. Potentially the "Gene" that determines if you become a Ghoul is rare.

  16. He's been on a downward slope in the public view for a decade, it's just now the critics vastly outnumber his defenders.

  17. Im pretty sure he just got a few years since 11 is early 900s at the start

  18. As I always say, years only have a meaningful context to us humans because we all live on the same planet with the same orbit pattern.

  19. Manhunt VR sounds fucking terrifying, aha.

  20. Isn't the reason that RDR didn't get a remaster supposed to be the source code is too disjointed to work with?

  21. I'd imagine my Daughter would want to do so, much as Abby indicates, and Ellie suggests strongly she'd do.

  22. Unfortunately the fossil record is very light on those sorts of details (soft tissues don't preserve often), and it's understudied in living animals.

  23. Agreed. And it must be true because all news sources say the same measurement. How would they get the simple measurement wrong? It does look big in the video of it I just saw, but can’t tell exactly.

  24. Why are the designs of the German eagle and Russian eagle so similar? The same "I'm choking on a fish" cartoonish look...

  25. Descended from the Holy Roman Empire eagles, which date to 1500 AD.

  26. I have no idea who this guy is but have seen his profile picture across social media the last couple of days. And every single time he's been talking about Hooters in different posts. Are they paying him?

  27. This cunt has some real hangups on Hooters. And really, that tapas place probably has better drinks

  28. He's Australian, we don't really have anything comparable to Hooters and only very recently have we started getting really good Tex-Mex.

  29. I was on a wildland fire crew for 10 years with 20 dudes with very high levels of testosterone and there were always levels of danger. All very fit, most very smart. Ruggedly handsome. Never, not once did any of this alpha and beta shit come up in conversation. In our world, if you had to say you were something then you probably weren't that thing.

  30. I could've sworn Ripley was the Human and the ginger cat was Jonesy, but now I'm not to sure

  31. Can you elaborate on that last bit about distancing and recontectualising?

  32. I simply mean that when People ask why are Nazi's bad?

  33. Your comment just made me realize that all that region Egypt/ancient Mesopotamia/Babylonia loved cats for whatever the reasoning was and that mentality has survived thru millennia to today. Maybe because they thought cats are cleaner than dogs? Which is bs, if so. Families from these areas have so many house cats and so many stray dogs it’s sad. Some of my cousins are “believers” and think that cats are the cleanest house animal ever because some book that no one knows who wrote it, says so. It’s stupid lol.

  34. The Cats kill Rats, The Rats carry Diseases, So Humans who worship Cats get sick less often.

  35. It's not pedantic if it's literally a core principal of twentieth century history

  36. In fairnes halo does have a bit of an old is new look going on with old radio stuff sometimes and the AR uses 7.62 nato still oddly enough but its still not great.

  37. It was a design choice from when Halo was going to be an RPG.

  38. That's the current explanation (because using petrol over 400 years from now stretches credibility)

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