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Week 13 Video: Bills x Patriots

When laughter meets percussion

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  1. If your coworker wants to make some money I’ll buy one and keep it on my golf bag. Always drinking bottles out on the course

  2. Damn you drink glass bottles on the course??

  3. I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things.

  4. Vegas is not writing us off. At most books, we’re still the SB favorite behind KC. Just FYI

  5. it’s be nice if the Bills offense could get out to a fast start against a team that prefers to run and force them to pass

  6. Agreed. I have always been in favor of deferring when we win the flip, but I would love to go right down and hang 7 on them to start the game.

  7. Did the due diligence and can confirm. The swing is very nice. Might have been a first for me where something grabbed my attention more than the main action.

  8. I also looked and it seems she has a tattoo on her right arm which doesn’t match with OP’s pic

  9. The superiority complex of OP always baffles me on these lol

  10. Mac Jones runs like he is holding a ruffled potato chip between his ass cheeks

  11. I think there was a Pats news show after the playoff game where one of the dudes was still like "I don't think they are that good" and the other two had to laugh and tell him he was wrong


  13. Who did you root for a few weeks ago when the Packers played the Bills?

  14. Aren’t you a Bills and packers fan?? 🤔🤔🤔

  15. Trash franchise trash fanbase

  16. Buddy of mine traded his Najee and Pittman for Mixon and Evans literally 5 minutes before Najee went down lol. Other guy was the one who sent the trade too lol

  17. I don’t think so since he asked me what I thought about it

  18. Shit dude 3 hole in one’s. You need to play the lottery.

  19. I absolutely agree. It’s either start your stud (Jones) or get cute and play White.

  20. I don’t think that’s cute tbh. Wilson has a beautiful matchup

  21. Hahahaha it happens. I shoulda put in white 🙃 I don’t know if Aaron jones is going to go over 20 against Philly

  22. If someone is gonna go to this much effort, I think it could have been so much better. Leaving out letters and missing some of the biggest phrases.

  23. Agreed. How is I not Monica’s “I KNOW”

  24. Imagine heating up all those leftovers from the day prior , just to remember that there is an NFL game on. Then proceed to fall asleep for 15 min on your recliner during halftime.

  25. Damnit, this makes my my Palmer/White decision difficult now.

  26. I have the same issue but I started Gabe Davis in my flex cause I didn’t want to risk Fournette and Mike Will playing 😕

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