1. And you still end up eating it anyway!

  2. Fred Stoller would have been a better choice for this role

  3. That he knew his mother was gonna walk in on him with that glamour magazine

  4. The george glasses offset what the wig is trying to achieve in making him different than what we are used to.

  5. Best warshed down with a good sarsaparilla

  6. Well that is fabulous. He actually looks a bit like Beethoven in bust-form.

  7. One alligator skin wallet. Master Charge, American Express... Gold Card. Visa, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche. Two tickets... "La Bo-heem"

  8. He didn't cheat on rachel, they were on a break

  9. Ha, does it come with a guide to speak in an New Jersey accent?

  10. The Candiru, a tiny Amazonian parasitic catfish, that supposedly swims into the urethra.

  11. And me if you shrink me down to microscopic size!

  12. Perhaps a cherry angioma, which is a benign skin tag caused by a collection of blood vessels.

  13. That guy is stealing bank card info from RF chips

  14. And then if I kick his ass for treating my daughter like that, I'm the criminal.

  15. Why didnt she comply the many times she was asked to leave? I think this is justified.

  16. And i think your style of thinking is why NY city, chicago, philadelphia, new orleans, san francisco, are crime riddled. Learning discipline and respect for societies rules at a young age prevents that.

  17. Why did any of you want to vote for an open anti- semite? It makes me worry about the rise of such thinking in europe.

  18. Hope the bird found a house with a bird bath nearby

  19. That is called "assault" and will get you sent to prison.

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