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  1. But they know damn well kids will be playing it

  2. I thought people were being over the top on this, but the more I think of it, kids playing this and putting a noose on is quite disturbing

  3. Those eyes are still looking at me when I shut my own

  4. But why bother doing those sort of ads for 250,000 when she’s a billionaire? Doesn’t she get that in interest? Plus all the standard social media ads

  5. This happened with GOT episodes as well, how in this day and age?

  6. Why don’t you get a hair cut you hippy!

  7. Stock X have got 4 left for £310

  8. I was just scrolling through the thread cause I was wondering if stockX was a legit place to buy a console/sneakers

  9. After reading these comments I’m out off it now. I don’t do all that modding shit, I just like playing a game

  10. Hate to be a party pooper but unless you kept the receipts of your purchases, you can't get the prizes....and even that is after being entered into a draw.

  11. Are you taking the fucking piss? What excuse for a parent does that

  12. There are tons of worlds and fun things to do, but the people are the worst part. It’s a battle of muting or jumping servers

  13. It’s completely different but Big Screen is great for sitting round talking to people, while watching something or just listening to music. The adults and kids seem to stay in separate rooms

  14. I been using horizon worlds because there’s more adults there

  15. Is it true Manchester United and Manchester City haven’t had a Mancunian player for over 15 years? Doesn’t sound very Manchester to me!

  16. Is he the nearest to Manchester since the Arabs took over then? Why’s there no Manchester players for so long?

  17. Go to a doctor if you cum is white like milk

  18. Imagine using the skull of somebody who we knew how it looked and see how the AI result compares to check if the process it's accurate.

  19. Interesting. They should do it with an X-ray and 3D model of a skull

  20. You think a rough and ready soldier from back then would have a £70 hair cut?

  21. The photographer removes himself from the bottom floor sharpish

  22. Until a thief gets hold of it. Then it's a nightmare. Good luck explaining the cops that a robot rolled up under your car, lifted it and fucked off.

  23. Well if you saw it happen then you also filmed it

  24. Wow I always thought this was some obscure Simpsons reference

  25. Yeah I thought it was Granpa also

  26. Maybe he’s born with it….

  27. It’s commendable but fucking stupid not taking the money, surely they could envisage what living in the middle of a car park would be like.

  28. Can a mine be diagonally 1 away from a 1?

  29. I had to do a double take at this because I used to live in a house exactly like it. Not the same one, but is this in Withington? It’s great until you realise all the extra heat you lose from the exposed side of the house!

  30. All detached houses have exposed sides

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