1. Neither do the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, or Jimi.

  2. Right...if it tastes fine and there is no mold, then generally cheese is still okay to eat

  3. Ditto. It's free, easy to use and it back ups automatically if you switch phones.

  4. That's gross...feet are gross in general but having a strangers bare feet touch me oh Hell No

  5. I wish you the best. I only had one child with my ex wife - thanks God. I now have sole physical and legal custody of my 9 year old son.

  6. then stop commenting on a post you clearly know nothing about. no one needs your negativity, oldhead.

  7. Looks like they clearly copied Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album

  8. I just wanna save all these comments so i can come back to them when i get home, haha! I also really love the 12-31-78 version (which technically would be 01-01-79 since they began playing after midnight, right? ;) )

  9. Haha...I never thought of it that way but technically yes you are right

  10. According to Spotify 5-8-77 was my most played song in 2022. Probably helped that it shows up on every random playlist

  11. I love this show but I'm not too fond of the FOTM for some reason from this show

  12. I have over 2 and a half years clean and sober...awesome you guys are here!! Love the positive vibes!

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