1. Yes, and you should. It’s an award after all and a very impressive distinction!

  2. Your application is excellent though. Good luck on the Common App!

  3. Thanks. I just submitted my app for UChicago and Reed EA. Fingers crosssed I get accepted into Reed at least.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if UChicago accepts you! From the little I've seen, it seems like you would be a great match for them tbh. Update me when the results come out!

  5. SATs: 1530 (790 English, 730 Math, Superscored)

  6. If I understand correctly, you are asking about applying EA to QB schools after match results are released (assuming you didn't match). I think you would have missed the EA deadlines for schools you didn't rank, so RD would be the only option. For schools you did rank, some allow your application to be rolled into their early pools.

  7. Yeah the deadlines are tripping me up tbh. My admissions officer for UChicago told me I can apply Early through Questbridge without ranking it but I honestly don’t know how that’s gonna work. Gonna try calling them tomorrow and try to find out

  8. If you’re a finalist you can go test optional! I wouldn’t worry about them that much.

  9. Oh dang, just two?? Do you remember what the prompts were about? Regardless that’s a relief. I didn’t wanna seem repetitive 😭

  10. Actually i just went back and looked for the file and the only ones we had to do were the lists (there were 3 prompts)

  11. Same. I wrote about my experience moving to the states alone without my parents and all the struggles I faced. Seeing my dad tear up makes me regret writing that essay :(

  12. I didn’t have them before but just now while reading this, I deleted cache and closed the app when I started it again i got the lyrics

  13. Just did this and it worked. Thank you ❤️

  14. I have confidence in stablecoins, I personally actively use USDT, but I am extremely not happy about the prospect if they are regulated by the Government. Realizing how popular cryptocurrency is now, the government is actively trying to find ways to influence this area. I hope that they will not succeed.

  15. December 25 is very soon, I understand how unpredictable Bitcoin is and it is very difficult to predict what its price will be for Christmas. I monitor Bitcoin on Bitfinex daily and it has been relatively stable lately. And yet I will assume that Bitcoin will exceed the $50,000 mark for Christmas.

  16. Even if this is true, it may be a minus towards Bitcoin, but there is nothing criminal about it on the part of El Salvador.

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  18. ha-ha. This is exactly the case when I was wrong, but I got positive emotions from it. Could you then think that this is the best investment in your life. At that moment, everyone would have thought, "Damn, why did I buy so little?"

  19. Bitcoin did not reach the $50,000 mark yesterday, and today it has exceeded it. I would like to continue to observe the positive dynamics of Bitcoin.

  20. By the way, the string length limit of 256 is set in many places, not only Bitfinex.

  21. In Egypt we say ام الدنيا which means “Mother of the World”. I would say that leans towards motherland?

  22. For one 2L pitcher: 1L Heavy Cream, 350mL of Vanilla, and 2% to the 2L line

  23. Basically the same thing If I calculated correctly

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