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  1. i mean kinda, not as much as straight guys, my lesbian friends and i (mlm) frequently make jokes about proclaiming love and shit like that

  2. tbh i’ve looked and there’s really no masculine looking planners for some reason. i ended up just not buying one lmao. so i understand the problem. i don’t really have a solution besides return it and say you’d rather a calendar.

  3. I was looking on amazon and just searching “plain weekly planner” brought up a bunch of solid black ones that are infinitely better.

  4. Unfortunately the entire thing has calligraphy for all of the headings as well as the color scheme throughout the pages. If it were just the cover it wouldn’t be too much of an issue

  5. oh okay- 90% of “neutral fakeboi” lines up with me which i didn’t expect to hurt so much

  6. love how you can see the cacti with plastic flowers glued onto them in the background

  7. If you’re going to use a laser for food, you should use your laser for only food.

  8. we cleaned our laser thoroughly, but we don’t plan on engraving food often. this was a “i wonder if this would work” so we messed around and had fun thanks for the warning though!

  9. Yeah it's '(w)xaw' in my cypher language, pronounced ekh-ahw -Unnamed

  10. oh cool!! if you wouldn’t mind i’d love to hear more about the language?

  11. I lost all of my notes on it (ah :( ), but it's based on our experiences with psychosis. -Unnamed

  12. as a person from the us (and a person whos attempted), that was pretty fucking funny my guy

  13. I would ask is it offensive when others refer to you as trans women or trans man rather than women or man?

  14. not offended, but in a lot of cases trans people don’t announce their transness for safety reasons. and so pointing out that they are in fact trans could put them in danger depending on the audience.

  15. Why is the community afraid of addressing those who de-transition? This isn’t to finger point but I feel it’s extremely important to have all the details of what transitioning can, might, or will do. To assure people don’t make a major mistake regarding their current state of mind.

  16. i’m pretty sure it’s because those who detransition make up an incredibly small percentage. and i don’t think any of us trans people have an issue with those who do detransition, people are allowed to learn more about themselves and change accordingly. what we do have issues with however is the detransitioners who actively make it harder for trans people to get proper care/ rights

  17. hypixel has a book that you can write in and at the end of july they are going to print it out and give it to his family

  18. From there, go straight, you’ll hit the village, then you go to the farm little ways up and to the left, once you’re at the farm head left, it’s almost behind the mountain. I think -70, 170 were the coordinates?

  19. yeah i know, i mentioned that in the last bit. even so it was amusing

  20. cause it’s not gay if they have socks on, and they are very gay so they have socks off

  21. i literally made that exact same mistake last week- and then i was rambling to my mom about it because i was scared that the police would flag that search because weed is not legal here

  22. Quick tip: if you don’t have a sharps container, use one of those singular plastic baby wipe containers, they’ll work just as well until you can properly dispose of them

  23. oh yeah! that’s smart too, i figured that a gatorade bottle would be thick enough to be a good safe location

  24. I’m happy for you! I can’t go on t cause my parents think my mental health is worse then it is

  25. i’m sorry to hear that, i hope you’re able to start in the near future

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