1. Okay hear me out... consider Mjoll's whole character is how much she cares for Riften and sees its corruption as her "great beast to be slain," it feels like moving her all the way across the country is kinda a dick move...

  2. I'll concede that I have no proof of that. But I won't concede that your original comment was not formed in a way that would foster intelligent discussion.

  3. My original comment is pretty snarky, sure, but considering your response to me pointing out that what you said is obviously wrong, is to call me an extremist, seems like you weren’t exactly gunning for “intelligent discussion” yourself.

  4. I'm sure people can point to other studies that say climate models have been right on. Maybe by cherry picking which simulations they want to compare. As someone who has written physical modeling code (aerospace research applications, not climate studies) that was compared to observed measurements, I tend to be skeptical of numerical modeling in general. Especially when they run hot:

  5. As someone else who works in numerical modeling (geodynamics, not climate studies), I understand skepticism of numerical modeling, and I'm sure the people who work on these models do as well. Now can you explain to me why you think the article you posted supports your claim? Because my understanding - which is verified in the article - is that the IPCC climate models have all been pretty accurate and most even slightly underestimate the observed temperature rise we've seen - with exception of the first one. But I want to make sure I'm not "cherry-picking," so which models should I be looking at?

  6. I think this is an interesting question but considering the part in marigold you mentioned, where he straight up says “if I were the devil I would make it legal to take the life of the unborn,” it seems Spencer’s position is pretty clear cut to me. I know the guys are typically left leaning but peoples beliefs don’t always fit into a neat category. But I’d be curious to hear from the band directly.

  7. Neither a mentally disabled person (under certain circumstances) nor a minor can be held legally responsible for such a thing i think so maybe equilibrium?

  8. Legally it might be an equilibrium but I don’t know if that translates to morality

  9. Somehow I feel like “don’t sexually abuse your kids” is maybe the more important and relevant takeaway here

  10. No, it’s for listening to music. You obviously don’t go to the gym

  11. This concerns me. I put earbuds in my ears and don’t plug them into anything because I THOUGHT having earbuds or headphones in was the universal sign for don’t bother me. But apparently people like you exist who can’t get the hint, so what’s the point?

  12. Imagine simping for one of the most insufferable and useless NPCs in the game. Delphine infinitely sucks.

  13. At this point I’m convinced Reigen has an algorithm for scientifically calculating the worst possible opinion to have on any given situation

  14. Fifty fifty chance, if it’s nice and unique looking your screwed if it looks average then your fine

  15. Honestly the best anti-bike-theft strategy is to have a shitty bike that no one wants to steal

  16. I love that the next conversation is him admitting he’s completely illiterate while she’s proficient in multiple languages.

  17. I love that the interviewer just let that hang for a second like he’s waiting for the guy to realize

  18. I don’t get why Lydia is so well loved, shes a boring nothing burger with only generic dialogue and also it feels weird to marry someone who’s sworn to serve you

  19. Haha, nice try. Definitely trying to convince yourself on this one. Because right wing American conservative Christians (which is a huge portion) are proudly anti science/Creationist for the most part. Not all Christians are of course, but just take a look and listen these days, they’re everywhere, and they’re the loudest ones.

  20. What state do you live in? This feels wildly out of touch to me but im guessing you live in Florida or something

  21. Mbappe gets a 9 but di maria only an 8 and mac allister only a 7? What game were they watching?

  22. Did you read what the commenter linked in your post on that sub? Also, did you think you were the first person to ask that question?

  23. Def not vibing with this one but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Haken albums by now it’s never to judge an album on its singles!

  24. Thanks anyway, do you want to join my factions effort to create our own nation?

  25. The one with no drug laws, loose gun laws, and a laissez-faire market, but is also an absolute monarchy? Lol no thanks

  26. Monarchy? No. Laissez-faire market? No, free market. Loose gun and drug laws? Yes! As they are backed by studies and popular opinion. If you want to stay in whatever nation you are in that's fine, have fun continuing to be run by the nwo

  27. You gave up on the monarchy bit, then? Probably smart. Just curious, have you ever been to Burundi?

  28. I thought the fact that no one would want to live in the WH40k universe was a running joke. Calling it a “male fantasy” feels like missing the point?

  29. What exactly is happening in Davis today? I'm not aware of any protest activity but I haven't been to campus yet either.

  30. Picket group at the quad but no bus blocking to my knowledge

  31. The entitlement is insane. I wanna tell the guy, as a fellow man, if you’re that horny just jerk off and move on with your life but of course that’s probably haram. Why are religions always so weird about sex?!

  32. Jordan Peterson's had anti-semites lurking in his audience for a long time. Just browse the comments sections of any videos where he talks about wealth inequality, and you'll find them eventually, usually "just asking questions" with lots of upvotes

  33. Damn even the water fountains striking

  34. And here I thought “people deserve more rights than objects do” was something we could pretty much universally agree on…

  35. Happened once on the first day and was determined to be a tactic the unions no longer wanted to use.

  36. Was it really only on the first day? I wasn’t there Tuesday so I wasn’t sure exactly when they stopped. I do remember doing it multiple times on Monday though.

  37. Yes, it was only on the first day. I was there Tuesday-Friday. Tuesday we didn't do it, and Wednesday we moved to the corner of Hutchinson and La Rue permanently to avoid being associated with the group blocking the bus terminals. Beyond the picket lines blocking crosswalks (and not all of them at the same time) for a few minutes tops twice a day, there have been no major traffic stops due to union activity.

  38. I was at Hutchison la rue on Monday and that’s where we did the bus blocking multiple times. Glad we didn’t do the other days we were there.

  39. Maybe. OP was asking about a recent increase in left wing antifeminists, and the recent development that would coincide with this that instantly came to my mind was girlboss feminism. You mention some of the ideas you believe these people have, but none of what you said really explains a recent increase in left wing criticism of feminism, don't you think?

  40. I also said I wasn't sure if this really is recent or if its a well-established thing that I'm just noticing.

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