1. Carry your board balanced over your shoulder, resting the bottom of the board on your shoulder. This method takes zero effort.

  2. I fail to see what this would look like, would you have an illustration?

  3. From the view shown, it looks like you are not hinging, and it looks like you're squating, and your arm is too far from the body. Work your one arm swings more and fix the hinge, then try the snatches. I like using the motion zipping the jacket to keep my arm closer to my body.

  4. If you live in western Canada, I have lots and will give you some.

  5. Thanks dude, but I'm in central TX. Hope you find somebody to give them to.

  6. I make them and do give lots away, I show people how to swing the gada and give them one.

  7. You are looking at the tree compartmentalizing decay in the trunk. I would guess most of it originating from a past branches throughout the tree.

  8. I’m in the same boat. I want an upgrade from my Backfire G3, and I’m seriously considering both the boards you mentioned, as well as a couple of others. It’s FOMO, but I’m not convinced these prices are really any bargain.

  9. That's sound advice, you're right waiting might be the best move. It does seem my 2022 technology board is already obsolete, although I can still cruise 45 kmh for 35 kilometers. I'm also paying in Canadian dollars so everything cost more.

  10. Also I have bought a lot of good deals on fb marketplace so many people selling kb they bought during c0vid.

  11. Practice more with 2 hands, then slowly losen the grip on the bottom hand until it is longer doing anything. This way you will gaurd from injury and build up to the one arm swing.

  12. In the urban environment it's not wrong to use trees as furniture. It's better to incorporate them into an urban plan, but we can't win every battle.

  13. I think Canada might be ahead of the curve on this, but still we have alot of work to do, and yes developer's will only spend money if it saves them time in the permit process. Cheers

  14. Come ride with me, I have extra boards

  15. That’s a very expensive route to take for a guess

  16. Depends who's paying the bill, and if it's part of an on going legal case. For this home owner, it may or may not be. I have clients in many categories. Trespass charges should be the first direction; however they do need to collect the evidence before it too late.

  17. The two don't necessarily need to be connected. I manage a large Arboriculture consulting company and a few of my arborist come from a tree service background, but most don't. Also I've had a lot of people from the tree service industry who couldn't make it in the consulting world.

  18. Run to the hills! And hit the speed of light on the way down.

  19. It's called a Summit Xt from a local company here in Vancouver Canada. It's fast and powerful, has two 3000 watt motors and a 12S3P battery. Board is full Carbon fiber, and I have the 6 " wheels on it now.

  20. Sick man, I'm trying to get my hands on one of those, the ecomobl et-the board I am testing with the Xt has pretty similar specs, just the xt is higher quality

  21. It's a fun board, I've been having a blast. The weather has been awesome here too so taking advantage. Scared myself hitting that 50 kmh speed, since I have the At wheels on it now and gets a bit bouncy. They sent me some awesome Street racing tires (Hota's) but haven't put them yet.

  22. Slighy off topic, but I'm sure y'all with find it funny. I'm 51 and the other day my 82 year old Dad gave me a lecture about how dangerous it was to ESK8 at my age. Lol I'm pretty sure he said that when I was 7 and got my first skateboard.

  23. You should also look into lifting kettlebells or weights with a focus on glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

  24. I'm 51, and love the esk8, it's passive exercise. You do work your core and quads, which may help your back.

  25. Did your board just sh*t itself. Esk8 skidmarks 😂

  26. I took it on the early 2000's and about two years ago I retested because I accidentally let my certification lapse. I definitely felt the old test was harder. For our identification section on the old test they just brought in twigs you had to identify.

  27. ISA doesn't even have ID on the test anymore. I feel they made it too easy now.

  28. They also seem to have lowered the bar on what they consider experience. I had a friend that was allowed to take the test, despite having nearly zero experience with trees. They considered her degree (which was really soil and climate change related) and some work she did potting plants at a nursery enough to qualify. She studied her ass off for a few months, reading the ISA guide and ANSI standards, and passed. So now she's a Certified Arborist and has very little real tree knowledge.

  29. I've noticed that as well, I manage one of Canada's largest Arboriculture Consulting Firms and I've seen ISA arborists who couldn't ID a pine tree. TRAQ is much harder and hopefully that keeps the basic standards higher.

  30. My Typical workout: Kettlebell Clean & Press-(20kg): 2 min

  31. Very cool. It may be beyond a minimum. Most of my time is spent on kettlebell sport. Happy swinging

  32. Okay, than doing 10:2 mace swings with and isometric pause in the middle will give great results and a nice pec pump too 😆

  33. Mmmm ya know what else comes to mind is that arbs naturally lose their inner foliage unless routinely sheered. Could be that your lil fella here is undergowing its very first "molting" for lack of a better term. It's growing up. If the yellowing extends to the tips, it's likely too late. Ask a local certified arborist for more details.

  34. Cedar Flagging is the proper term, and it happens to all Thuja species.

  35. Well dang-oh! Thanks for the terminology. I may never become ISA certified but appreciate the passive education.

  36. Sometimes I can't help myself I mentor a team of Arborists, lol.

  37. Oh wow, do I really need to do that just for this? We just spent more than $5k two weeks ago to have these trees planted, so I’d love to avoid spending more money on this unless it’s necessary.

  38. If you just bought these trees, call the nursery where the trees came from and tell them your concerns. Also have the installation company field your concerns, it's is always better to have eyes on.

  39. Ahhh....Yet another "I dig holes for a living so you don't know what you're talking about."

  40. Thank you Sir. I have been an ISA Certified Arborist since 1992, I owned a tree service for many years and now I'm a Principal in one of Western Canada's largest Environmental firms. I manage a large team of Arborists, Foresters and Biologists on projects for Governments and private companies. In addition I'm a court proven expert, and have won appraisal cases for millions of dollars. A root is not girdled until it is 360 degrees around the trunk. Partially girdled roots may slow growth, but the roots in the picture are just adventitious roots that were most likley caused by mulch being piled around the base of the tree. No action needed and no reason to get upset.

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