The bill for my liver transplant - US

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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Are you being serious right now?

  1. 55k for a years worth of coaching! Even my board certified therapist with 30 years of experience doesn’t cost that.

  2. It would be cool to cast someone who may have a child to add to an element of the show ?

  3. My mom is so scared I’d get scammed and I thought wow no one would ever be dumb enough to be scammed and I open Reddit to this….well

  4. The positioning of the bottle and because I’m high as fuck I thought the bottle was part of her leg, like a peg leg

  5. I didn’t even see the bottle in the first pic until you said this L O L

  6. Is this not her in the pic? (Never heard of her before) Confused if this hasn’t launched and she has it if she doesn’t have a code

  7. This is the most I’ve laughed in a while, this thread is absolutely unhinged and I will take my $100k direct deposited thanks

  8. Listen I’ll give her $100 to keep her from this desperation

  9. I don’t have a child nor know much about babies but even at first glance it looks too tight

  10. Ground turkey, grill mates seasoning packets (zesty herb chefs kiss); Trader Joe’s jasmine rice or any instant microwave rice (currently eating this meal right now)

  11. I was on 900 cal, like 30g carb and I think 45 min cardio for about a week or two, definitely tough and my body stopped losing weight at that point and I responded better once calories increased again

  12. Most gyms, especially commercial ones, belts aren’t common. When I went to gyms that were specifically for powerlifting or strongman, everyone had a belt. I only use mine for heavier compound barbell lifts. I will hit lower weights and all of my accessory lifts without it to work my core. But if a belt helps you, essential with core support, wear it. Don’t get too caught up in your head about what people might think

  13. That’s what I am thinking, really just trying to push a little harder with a belt, I work out alone and am afraid of injury so I think it would help me push a little harder :)

  14. There’s very little that a belt can help you with that would mimic a lifting partner. It doesn’t fully protect you from injury, it won’t correct preexisting injuries, and it does not replace a spotter.

  15. I agree with you! Just looking for a little more support possibly, I’ve used them before and felt better so it may be a mental thing :)

  16. So kind of them to break it down in to affordable monthly payments!

  17. Kind of shows how out of touch their (and any other IG model type) looks are with the normal person, it’s on such an different level of human

  18. Would anyone mind sharing some reasons to utilize a service dog? Like what do they help with :) genuinely curious, they are the greatest!

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